upCentric 2-Leg

SKU: up-2L
Note 1: Special Order
Note 2: Shipping charge varies and billed separately
Note 3: Assembly required
Price: $1274.40

1: Select Base Colour:
2B: Select 24" Top Size:
2D: Select 30" Top Size:
2F: Select 36" Top Size:
3: Select Table Top Colour:
4: Select - T-Mold edge:
5: Add Grommet hole:   Base only (Default)
  Left (Add $51.30)
  Center (Add $51.30)
  Right (Add $51.30)
6: Add casters:   4 Casters (Add $60.75)
7. Anti-Collision Sensor:   YES (Add $97.20)
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upCentric 2-LEG Height Adjustable Table

The upCentric Electric Height Adjustable Table / Standing Desk allows sedentary workers to easily alternate between seated and standing positions throughout the work day to achieve the health benefits commonly associated with sit to stand height workstations.

Moving the table is intuitive with the easy-to-use up/down control. The quiet motors housed in each of the table’s legs ensure a smooth transition from seated to standing positions.

The sturdy upCentric frame design also provides width adjustability to accommodate a variety of different sized table tops with one table frame making retrofitting the table for new users and areas very economical. The sturdy steel base also features an open frame design to provide optimal knee clearance and storage space.


Synchronized Dual-Motor Height Adjustment: smooth, quiet height adjustment and high-weight lifting capacity
Dual Motor Adjustment: One motor in each leg creates high strength and durability in lifting table and makes adjustment fast and quiet. 
Adjusts quickly: 1.6“ per second
Anti-Collision safety function: safety feature that causes the table to stop moving if the table adjusts into a solid object
Width adjustable frame: fits almost any size table top
3-Piece height adjusting legs: create an optimal range of height adjustability
Heavy-Duty steel frame design: sturdy, strong and highly tip-resistant, even when raised to top height
Intuitive height adjustment controls
Clean, open frame design: no cross beams or supports to conflict with leg space
Width adjustment range: 46” – 75” (29” range)
Minimum table top depth: 24”
Frame leg depth: 29.5” deep
Frame feet depth: 29.5" 
Minimum height: 24.5" (25.5" with table top) 
Maximun height: 50.5" (51.5" with table top)

2-Leg Small Frame

Height range: 23.5" - 50"
Width range: 41.25" - 71"
Depth of frame: 22" (19.5")
Assembly time: 5 - 10 minutes
Travel speed: 1.6" per second
Digital memory control buttons: 4 Position memory
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Electric TiMOTION motor: 2 Motors
Max. power draw: 30W
Stand-by power draw: 0.06W
Sound level: 39 dB
Accomodates tabletop size: 24" x 42" up to 24" x 84"
Frame finish: Silver or Black powder or Coated steel
Power cord length: 2 meters
Boxed Size/Weight: 42.5" x 8" x 11" - 92 lbs.


2-Leg Frame

Height range: 23.5" - 50"
Width range: 46" - 77"
Depth of frame: 22.5" (23.75")
Assembly time: 5 - 10 minutes
Travel speed: 1.6" per second
Digital memory control buttons: 4 Position memory
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
Electric TiMOTION motor: 2 Motors
Max. power draw: 30W
Stand-by power draw: 0.06W
Sound level: 39 dB
Accomodates tabletop size: 24" x 42" up to 42" x 96"
Frame finish: Silver or Black powder or Coated steel
Power cord length: 2 meters
Boxed Size/Weight: 48" x 8" x 11" - 93 lbs


3-Leg Frame

Height range: 23.5" - 50"
Width range: A: 46" - 77" | B: 42" - 71"
Depth of frame: 22" (19.5")
Assembly time: 25 - 40 minutes
Travel speed: 1.6" per second
Digital memory control buttons: 4 Position memory
Weight capacity: 420 lbs.
Electric TiMOTION motor: 3 Motors
Max. power draw: 30W
Stand-by power draw: 0.06W
Sound level: 39 dB
Accomodates tabletop size: 24" x 48" up to 84" x 96"
Frame finish: Silver or Black powder or Coated steel
Power cord length: 2 meters
Boxed Size/Weight:
  box 1: 48" x 8" - 91 lbs
  box 2: 43" x 9.5" - 49 lbs


3D model/CAD

upCentric 48×30 – 2D CAD (.dwg)
upCentric 48×30 – 3D CAD (.dwg)
upCentric 48×30 – REVIT (.rfa)


Table tops colours

UpCentric top colours

Thermo fixed laminate tabletop finish options (Low Pressure Laminate – is what we use standardly, also called Melamine laminate) (Default)

01 Hard rock Maple 
02 candelight 
03 Summerflame 
04 Mahogany Impression 
05 Chocolate Pear 
06 Graphite Wood 
07 White 
08 Black 
09 Light Grey 
10 Charcoal 
11 Beige 

High pressure laminate tabletop finish options (High Pressure Laminate – is a higher quality, more durable kind of laminate) (Contact us to order)

12 Kensington Maple 
13 Wild Cherry 
14 Cherry Brandy 
15 Black 
16 Frosty White 
17 Faskion Grey 
18 Dove Gray 
19 Almond

Table top sizes - Table tops available in Ontario only

23" Depth 24" Depth 29" Depth 30" Depth 35" Depth 36" Depth
  24x42   30x42   36x42
23x47 24x48 29x47 30x48 35x47 36x48
23x53 24x54 29x53 30x54 35x53 36x54
23x59 24x60 29x59 30x60 35x59 36x60
23x65 24x66 29x65 30x66 35x65 36x66
23x71 24x72 29x71 30x72 35x71 36x72
23x83 24x84 29x83 30x84 35x83 36x84
23x89 24x90 29x89 30x90 35x89 36x90
23x95 24x96 29x98 30x96 35x95 36x96

SKU: up-2L - Standard 2-leg frame



60mm dual wheel nylon caster with locks
Threaded stem for leveling on uneven floors
Adds 2 ½" height to the upCentric frame
Only available for 2L and 2LS standard and modular frames
Frame should be lowered to lowest height (ideally) before moving on casters. Table should never be rolled while adjusted over 30" in height.
Casters come separately - attach during installation after removing glides
SKU: CAS4 - 4 Casters

Anti-collision sensor

External device to add highly sensitive anti-collision capability
Any small change in the vibrations or movements of its inner disks will be sensed by the gyro sensor, and will immediately stop the table in its tracks
Connects to upCentric control box and handset, mounted to the underside of tabletop
Not available with modular frame

SKU: 3GHL - Left grommet hole
SKU: 3GHC - Center grommet hole
SKU: 3GHR - Right grommet hole

Grommet holes - standard hole size 3"

Grommet holes

SKU: FM - Finish match T-Mold edge
SKU: BE - Black T-Mold edge
SKU: GE - Grey T-Mold edge

5 features to look for in a height adjustable table

1. Ability to retrofit existing work surfaces: The sturdy upCentric frame accommodates a variety of different tabletop sizes to make converting existing work surfaces into height adjustable tables a very economical way of obtaining a sit-to-stand solution. 

2. Maximum height range: With 26" of height adjustability, the upCentric offers the maximum height range meeting BIFMA-G1-2013 Standards. 

3. Quick and easy installation: upCentric installation is fast and simple and can be done in less than 15 minutes. Written and video assembly instructions are available.

4. Dual motors: Dual motors ensure a smooth and quiet transition from seated to standing positions. The upCentric features motors made by TiMOTION, specifically designed for ergonomic height adjustable tables. Learn more about TiMotion: 

5. Energy efficiency: The upCentric features a low maximum power draw of just 30W while transitioning in positions. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the upCentric enters Sleep Mode reducing energy consumption to just 0.06W of power.

Note: Table tops require 15 days lead time

up-2L Base Dimensions


What speed does upCentric adjust at? 
1.6” Inch Per second (Top to bottom in 16.5 seconds) 
What materials is the frame made of? 
The frame is made of Steel. This is why it is so heavy, sturdy and stable. 
What is the upCentric table’s Max Height? And Min Height? 
Max Height: 51.5” Min Height: 25.5” 
What size table tops will fit on the upCentric table frame? 
The upCentric Frame will fit on ANY TABLETOP SIZE between 24”X48” and 42”X90” 
What is the weight capacity? 
300 lbs. without table top 
How sturdy is the upCentric table? 
The upCentric table frame is incredibly sturdy. The frame its self weighs 93 lbs, because the frame and feet are made of this steel. This makes the tables not only stable and sturdy, but makes them quite bottom heavy. 
How much does the table frame weigh? upCentric Frames weight 93 lbs each. 
Does upCentric have and anti-collision feature? 
Yes – if the table collides with a solid object on the way up or down, it will stop and reverse 3 inches 
Does upCentric have an energy saving feature? 
Yes – the upCentric Frame goes into sleep mode after 60 seconds 
Can the standard 2 button control be easily switched for the digital display and memory setting 
Yes. The control buttons are connected into the control hub of the table with an Ethernet style cord. To change from the standard 2 button controls to the memory setting buttons, you simple unplug one, and plug in the other. 
Can we attach keyboard trays? 
Yes we can. There is a width adjustment bar that runs along the bottom of the table top, which is directly in the way of the keyboard tray track (it does not zig-zag out of the way like the ISE table), however, we are making “mounting kits” which will consist of 8 perfectly sized black spacers, and 8 appropriately sized screws, as well as detailed installation instructions and an assistive template. It will also be nicely packaged with marketing material inside so it looks like a really nice retail product, as opposed to a makeshift bundling of extra parts. 
How many motors in a table? 
There is one motor per leg in each table, so the 2 leg has 2 motors, and the 3 leg has 3. They are all synchronized by the control box, which all 3 legs plug into. This allows for the 300 lbs weight capacity fast adjustment, and quiet movement. Also, the gears are made of DuPont P.O.M (Poly oxy methylene) which is an incredibly high strength and density polymer made by DuPont. It is far superior to metal gears, which wear away faster, and make a lot of noise. 
What kind of motors does the table use? 
The motors, along with all the rest of the electrical and computerized components, are made in house by our component supplier – TiMotion. TiMotion has been making Linier Actuators, and all of the motors, control hubs, electrical components and parts that go along with them, since 2005. The motors and electrical components have been specifically designed for the particular use of height adjustable work stations, unlike many other companies that use generic off the shelf brand name motors. 
What material are the gears made of? 
DuPont P.O.M (Polyoxymethylene ) 
Does upCentric have CSA certification and Ansi-Bifma certification? 
Yes, the upCentric Table has CSA/UL Certification and is Ansi-Bifma Certified. 
Do you have a Pedestal/Single Leg table option? 
No. We do not have a single leg table frame at this time. We intend to come out with a Pedestal style table in the future 
What is the Warranty? 
5 years – Frame and Electrical 
Are the tables modular like your chairs? 
The tables are very modular. The legs and control buttons all plug into the control box so they can be disconnected and removed very easily if they ever need to be serviced.

Control unit


Warranty 5 years
Metal table frame components and table tops
Frame motor and electrical components

*These warranties shall not apply to any product which must be replaced because of normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse or accident or product use other than in accordance with written instructions and warnings.

ergoCentric will repair or replace any product or material covered by this warrantee, found to be defective or inferior within the warranted period. This warrantee includes the cost of labor. Claims must be made at the store at which the product was purchased. Products or materials for which a claim has been made must be returned to the store. This warrantee is reserved for the original owner or user only. Warrantee is null and void if ownership is transferred.
**Some additional conditions apply see in store for details.

2-Leg Frame Minimum Freight charge*

West: $100 / Frame
Ontario/Quebec: $75 / Frame
Atlantic: $125 / Frame

2-Leg Frame + Top Minimum Freight charge**

West: $125
Ontario/Quebec: $125
Atlantic: $175

Note: All delivery dates quoted are approximate. Orders may be subject to delay due to failure or delay from source of supply, 
transportation difficulties, or other causes beyond our control. 

**Freight charges vary depending upon Top size
* Freight charges billed seperately

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