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Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock and Reminder Assistant

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Reminder Rosie Personal Voice Reminder

Reminder Rosie is designed to solve the very real daily challenges of memory loss. Inspired by the creator's father who suffered from dementia, Rosie is a personalized, voice controlled reminder system that older adults love!

With its senior-friendly clock interface, Reminder Rosie is a simple, hands-free, inexpensive solution to remember your medication, appointments, and every-day tasks.

Never forget a task again!


Maximize Independence & Engagement
Prolongs senior independent living and minimize dramatic life changes
Helps seniors maintain their healthy routines
Assists healthcare providers and family members keep track of older adults schedule and required tasks

Relieve Caregiver Stress
Minimizes or even eliminates the “nag factor.” Reminder Rosie eases stress by taking over the mundane tasks like reminders out of your daily responsibilities so caregivers can focus on what matters most – extending the best quality of care to the older adult

Assist Visually Impaired
Using state-of-the-art voice activated technology, Reminder Rosie can operate almost entirely by voice, thus greatly reducing the need for the older adult to fiddle with buttons

Increase and Sustain Medication Adherence
Reminds adults to take their medications in a customized manner throughout the day
Helps improve adherence over a sustained period of time
Minimizes medication disruptions
Reduces hospitalizations that are linked to medication issues


Hands-Free Trigger: Reminder Rosie is exceptionally easy to use! Many devices require fiddling with buttons and switches to operate. With Reminder Rosie, you just start talking and Reminder Rosie is ready!
Simple Yet Sophisticated: Behind a simple & familiar clock interface is a robust technology. Reminder Rosie processes spoken language almost as easily as humans do. By carefully listening for words or phrases, Rosie is ready 24/7 to execute your requests.
Custom Reminders: Reminders can be programmed in any language to provide greater comfort, familiarity and to improve task completion.
Multiple Reminder - Any Time or Date: With Rosie, you can record up to 25 reminders for everyday, weekly or ANY date. Review the day's reminders with a simple voice command so you stay in control.
Emergency Back-up System: Rosie will work even during power outages. Rosie will maintain its daily reminders and all other critical features.

Exceptionally easy to use for the care recipient

Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) of Toronto, Canada

CCAC clients enrolled in the pilot completed 3 months of engagement with Reminder Rosie and with observation by CCAC’s team of Pharmacists. Results:

86% of clients achieved a compliance rate of 80% or greater, exceeding the target of 75%.

57% of clients achieved an absolute increase in medication adherence of 30% or more from baseline, exceeding CCAC’s target of 50%.

Reduced nursing and PSW (Personal Support Worker) costs associated with using Reminder Rosie.

Pilot concluded with a recommendation for expansion of the scope to better evaluate impact. LifeAssist will be engaged further to present and educate CCAC team members on best practices of utilization and provide assistance with broader deployment.

Read Report (PDF)

SKU: 58060


“Thank you for creating Reminder Rosie! My dad is 94 years old and because of your product, he is able to live in an independent living apartment. He is forgetful so the machine helps him to get to exercise class, to the music concerts in the lobby and meals. It also reminds him when his favorite baseball team is on TV so he can watch them. He would be lost without Reminder Rosie!”
— Amy Agrimson

“Rosie is wonderful! I bought Rosie for my mom who tends to forget her meds. She says it is just like I was there reminding her because it plays back in my voice. … It is a great buy and I would recommend it for anyone!”
— Sharon (Coos Bay, Oregon)

“My partner has Alzheimer’s and getting her to take her meds and do other tasks has been very difficult. We tried alarm watches, but that didn’t work. Then I bought this and set it up. She loves it! Now she doesn’t miss her meds or other activities.”
— Linda (Overland, Missouri)

“Rosie reminds me of things during the day so I don’t get distracted and miss anything. The voice control is very good. I can just say commands from across the room to turn off the reminders. I have never been more satisfied with a product!.”
— Johnnie (Richland, Washington)

“After six months of daily use, Rosie has been very successful for my parents. It has enabled them to maintain their schedule at the assisted living residence and my parents seem to enjoy hearing my and my sister’s voice giving them the reminders. Thanks for bringing such a helpful device to market at a great price!.”
— Cathy (Smithville, Ontario)

“Rosie is the perfect anti-nagging device! In the war of Kids VS Parents, the parents gain some ground by using Rosie ….I found it less stressful for me as I can let Rosie do the reminding and make sure things were being handled. I no longer have to remember myself.”
— James, Colorado Springs, CO

“I ordered Rosie for my uncle who is Schizophrenic and takes medications six times a day! He has extreme time confusion and depends on caregivers to give him his meds. Not only has it helped his caregivers keep the medications straight and on time, it has made him safer.””
— Brenna (Missouri)

“Rosie has become a member of our family. It not only aids in the care of my mother but it also relieves the loaded responsibly that my family had to care for my Mom. Not only does it give Mom her daily guidance but, due to your innovative design its my voice she hears...Thank you, your clock is truly a gift from God.”
— Mike (Lawton, OK)

“This item has actually changed my life! I suggest everyone get one because the rewards are endless.”
— Jason (New York City, New York)

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: As usual, I didn't bother reading the Quick Start Guide or User Manual. Is that a problem?
Rosie: Yes, I suggest to at least the Quick Start Guide fully. You will save time and get used to me a lot faster. (email for 2015 version).

Question: Sometimes, when speaking to Reminder Rosie she doesn't understand me. What am I doing wrong?
Rosie: Probably nothing. I am not perfect and sometimes you need to speak more clearly than usual for certain phrases - these phrases are noted in the Quick Start Guide. (usually short, one syllable words i.e. "two"; always emphasize the first syllable or first word of a phrase or word). Secondly, i recognize some voices better than others. Also, wait a half a second AFTER I stop speaking so I can understand your commands or phrases. After a little practice I will understand you from across the room!
The ideal conditions to speak to me is using a normal conversational voice, speaking within arms length from the front display facing the microphone (the small black circle below the LED display), and in an environment without background noise. Just like talking to a person, I may occasionally miss-hear you and require you to repeat a command. And early on, you may want to pick me up and speak so your mouth and my microphone is in a straight line, until you get used to me.

Question: Can we change a reminder time/date that has already been recorded and set on Rosie?
Rosie: No, please delete the incorrect reminder and then record a new reminder in order to change the time and /or date.

Question: Do we need to re-record reminders that are set for everyday or a specific day of the week?
Rosie: No, once reminders are set at a specific time, the reminders DO NOT need to be recorded again. These reminders will repeat again everyday or on the specified day of the week or even annually. Only reminders set for TODAY ONLY or on a specific date, will be automatically deleted once acknowledged.

Question: Rosie is not waking up when I say "Hello Reminder Rosie"? Did I upset Rosie?
Rosie: Like your pet, I unconditionally love you. However, I will stay asleep if you or someone else inadvertently pressed the TRIGGER button on the back of the unit. The Trigger light, or small round indicator light located on the right side of the LED display, must be visible and only then can I wake up with my verbal trigger “Hello Reminder Rosie”.

Question: I needed to unplug Reminder Rosie to move her to another location. If the back-up batteries are installed, will I lose any reminders or have to reset the date and time?
Rosie: Reminders and reminder times are stored in the memory chip and will never be lost from a power outage or unplugging Rosie. Usually the time, date and regular alarm times remain set even when unplugged or if there is a power outage. However it has been reported to us that, depending on the nature of power outage or power surge, or if the if the back-up battery power is low, date and alarm times may need to be re-set.

Question: Can we set more than one normal wake-up alarm time?
Rosie: Reminder Rosie can only be set for one normal wake-up alarm time (i.e. using one of the 3 alarm sounds or Reminder Rosie's wake-up voice). However, you can use one or more of the ten personalized voice reminder alarms as a second or third alarm.

Question: Rosie stopped talking altogether – she doesn't wake up when I trigger her by voice or pushing her trigger button, and Reminder Rosie stopped reminding me using my personalized voice reminder alarms. What happened to my Reminder Rosie?
Rosie: Well, very seldom, I may get sick and need to be rebooted. All you need to do is unplug me, remove one of my batteries for an instant, plug me back in, and then replace the battery (exactly in that order) and I will be healthy again.

Question: Sometimes, Reminder Rosie talks too much when we don't want her too. How can we stop her from speaking? Sometimes in a noisy environment (i.e. the TV on for a long time, or people are constantly talking in the room where I am, I can be false triggered (false wake-up) and I say “can I help you”, etc.
You can say “cancel” and I will be quiet, or push me down. Or, if this is an ongoing problem for the day or a longer period of time, you can just turn off my verbal TRIGGER off (see back button) and I won’t respond to the verbal trigger “Hello Reminder Rosie” – or any noise that may false trigger me. But you can still trigger me by pushing me down AND I still understand all other commands - except the verbal trigger.

Question: How long does Reminder Rosie repeat a personal voice reminder alarm? Sometimes I am in another room that is out of the 100-foot range.
Rosie: Reminder Rosie will repeat reminder alarms every 5-seconds for 30 minutes until you tell her "reminder off" between reminder sounds, or push her trigger button. And I you missed a reminder after 30 minutes, my REMINDER light flashes, and just trigger me to hear the missed reminder (s).

Question: If I leave the house for the afternoon, can I turn off the voice reminder alarms?
Rosie: No, voice reminder alarms cannot be shut off unless you unplug Reminder Rosie. This is a feature we installed so critical reminders cannot be inadvertently turned off by the user.

Instruction manuals



Circura for Reminder Rosie

Circura is our fully connected, collaboration SaaS enterprise platform for care that is designed to meet the needs of seniors, caregivers and healthcare providers. The solution launched in the beginning of 2016 with several pilots. It includes a mobile and desktop applications to:

Record, monitor and track reminders, using our connected Rosie device
Communicate among caregivers using HIPAA compliant messaging via the desktop or mobile device
Coordinate care activities using a collaborative calendar and note
Create, track, and monitor care tasks

Circura for Professional Care Providers 

In a recent survey, over 65% of families would like updates on their loved ones' care. And yet, over 50% of families report that they only hear from providers in emergencies. Health care agencies and care providers are often inundated with calls or emails from families trying to get updates - adding extra staff and administration to handle the workload.

This is where Circura comes in!
Circura is a comprehensive enterprise care management and family engagement and solution focused on improving care, collaboration and communication. Our goal is to create peace-of-mind for families and care providers by stream-lining daily care across communities and activities. Our true end-to-end platform guarantees HIPAA compliancy and easy adoption by all users - especially the senior!

Circura care circle dashboard

Free Circura Staging Download



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