Leasey! Computer training for user's of screen readers.

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Computer training for user's of screen readers.

Leasey, (which functions in conjunction with the JAWS for Windows screen-reader from Freedom Scientific), is the world’s first application ideal for people wishing to learn computing through to the power user. From everyday simple tasks such as writing a letter or Email, to tools for study or leisure reading, from searching for (and listening to) books, to hearing your favourite music or the radio, Leasey has a host of tools, utilities and services to offer the computer beginner to the advanced user. Every JAWS user should have Leasey!

Leasey uses mainstream applications, adapted to make them accessible for everyone, no matter your computing ability. You’re not restricted to using a specially designed interface, making it possible to use a computer belonging to family and friends. If your computer knowledge expands, you do not need an alternative technology product. Leasey is right with you, every step of the way!

What is Leasey Basic?

Have you just purchased your first computer and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, computing doesn’t have to be complicated! Leasey makes it easy for new computer users to access (and work with) frequently used programs.

Through a simple and easy-to-use menu system, with Leasey you can write documents, manage your Email, read (and search for) your talking books, hear radio stations, talk to your friends on Skype, work with an address book, keep track of appointments, hear music files and CD’s, stream music on Spotify, use iTunes, surf the web, tweet on Twitter, friend people on Facebook, and much more! Leasey makes tasks simple!

Now We’re Talking! Leasey’s female guidance voice is human and not synthetic. She is your friend and will talk you through the menus and give you help when you need it most, introducing you to synthetic speech gradually.

I Need Some Help! No problem. Not sure what to do at any time? Help is always at hand. Press a keystroke and Leasey will tell you what to do next.

One key to go forward, another to go back. When in a program, through her menu system Leasey will give you the options you are likely to need most. Press Enter to go into a menu, Escape to go back. In Leasey’s menus, when writing text, apply bold or underlining, Find and Replace, insert today’s date, and more. You can even create a letter with address templates. When composing Email, create or reply to a message, read it or send.

Where do I Start! Leasey’s Getting Started audio DAISY guide teaches you how to use Leasey from the time you switch on your computer. 

I’m Already a JAWS User – Why Would I Need Leasey?

Meet Leasey Advanced! Leasey Advanced provides you with a sophisticated set of tools to use your computer efficiently, saving you time and making life easier. So, as you grow in confidence, there’s still a lot she can do for you.

Leasey Select. Easily select (or highlight) text within our supported computing applications without the need to continually hold down a number of Keys on the Keyboard including the Shift Key.
LeaseyTexts. Reproduce phrases or paragraphs within seconds by selecting them from a convenient list.
LeaseyCuts. Locate folders, web pages and documents with incredible speed.
LeaseyConnect. Your fully featured address book from where you can Email contacts, talk with them on Skype, tweet them on Twitter or simply type their postal address.
Leasey Points. Easily find those important passages in documents or web pages.
LeaseyAlerts. Do you find locating parts of websites difficult? Set a LeaseyAlert to set focus to them automatically.
LeaseyTags. Move, copy or delete files and folders in Windows Explorer all at once. Tagged files can also be used to create audio playlists.
LeaseySearch. Want to read the latest best-selling novel? Find books quickly and easily including those from RNIB Overdrive, Bookshare, Audible, the CNIB Library in Canada and Vision Australia's iAccess Library.
LeaseyDiary. A simple, easy-to-use calendar that just works! You’ll never miss an appointment again.
LeaseyClock. Comprehensive stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm functions, plus high quality (and fully customisable) Westminster chimes which can be heard throughout the day.
LeaseySkype. Talking to your friends and family has never been easier. With Leasey, Skype is now so accessible! Easily find contacts to see if they are online,. Hear who is signing in and out of Skype, Quickly set your Mood Text, and much more!
LeaseyAudio. Create playlists of songs from your music collection, arranging them in the order you want. Listen to them from start to finish or just a small selection. Go directly to your audio library. Play or stop the audio, adjust the volume, shuffle the playing order or skip through the music from any application! With CD’s, you can listen to them or even create them yourself.
LeaseyRadio. Choose from hundreds of stations in 10 categories. Set favourites, assign presets and find out what’s in the LeaseyRadio top 10! You can also have your favourite stations added, read the currently playing song title and control playback from anywhere!
LeaseySpotify. Listen to music with this popular streaming service, using the free or premium account. Hear songs or albums, create playlists, share music with friends, read artist information, and more.
LeaseyTunes. Using Apple's iTunes just got a whole lot easier. Select common tasks from a menu or use convenient shortcut keys to get to where you need to be. Stop worrying about the access and start enjoying the music, movies or podcasts instead!
LeaseyFacebook. Ever wanted to use Facebook to be a part of the modern social networking scene but found the website too difficult to manage? LeaseyFacebook gives you a menu of options you may choose to select, together with shortcut keys, a specially designed web experience and many more features too.
Shortcut Keys. All options for the advanced user have logical shortcut keys which are quick and easy to press. If you have trouble remembering them, learn them from Hotkey Help or simply activate them from it! Leasey anticipates the kind of help you need or she will remember the task you were previously doing.
Internet Updating! Leasey is frequently and quickly updated via the internet. Select “Check for Updates” and she will take care of the rest!

What Would You Like to Do? The Leasey Audio tutorial for Computer Beginners

It doesn't matter how easy a piece of software is to use. If you've never worked with a computer before, you will be concerned that you might make a mistake. You will not know even basic concepts such as how to edit text, what the subject line of an Email message means, or why web pages contain links and headings.

Obtaining quality computer training for many people is simply out of reach financially. But that does not lessen the need for a person to have it. That is why Leasey Total Package contains an audio tutorial which aims to encourage people to get to grips with computing concepts within the context of Leasey!

Co-Designer of Leasey Brian Hartgen has been teaching visually impaired people how to use the computer for close to 20 years, in the workplace, educational settings and within organisations concerned with rehabilitation. This is especially important since the concept of this audio tutorial is all about encouraging people to learn computing with a screen-reader for the very first time.

Brian gently guides listeners through the tasks many people will want to achieve with a computer. The guide, (containing over 4 hours of training), is divided into 15 chapters with sub-headings. Using a DAISY talking book player, it can be worked through systematically or used as a reference tool.

The DAISY book is ideal for playing in Voice Dream Reader, and many hardware and software digital talking book players. DAISY means it’s easy to set bookmarks in the book to come back to things you want to check out again.

The free FSReader that is built into JAWS will also play the DAISY book. FSReader (which interacts directly with Leasey) is an ideal tool to use if you want to follow along with the book on your PC. It’s universally accessible play/pause feature, accessed by pressing Control+P, means you can pause the tutorial without leaving the application in which you are working.

Purchasers of Leasey Total Package will have access to this useful resource which has 64 headings and two levels of navigation, so you can easily search for what you want quickly!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. Introducing the screen-reader, Leasey and the computer keyboard.
  3. Getting to Know Leasey. Includes switching on the computer for the first time, what's on the Main Menu, moving through menus, locating menu items quickly, getting help.
  4. Creating a Document. Includes moving in and out of menus, naming a document, changing the rate of speech, typing text, moving through a document, basic screen-reading commands, changing the typing echo, working with the Leasey Application Menu, saving the document and closing down the computer.
  5. Working with Documents. Includes Opening a document, deleting a document, inserting text, deleting text.
  6. Selecting Text. Includes selecting text ready for deletion, cut, copy and paste.
  7. Final Word Processing Features. Includes changing the font style, printing a document, find and replace, inserting the date, spell checking, creating a letter based on a home address.
  8. LeaseyConnect. Includes creating LeaseyConnections, modifying LeaseyConnections, deleting LeaseyConnections.
  9. Using Email. Includes managing your mail, composing a new message, creating a new message from LeaseyConnect, keeping the Email program running while working with other tools, creating a LeaseyConnect entry based upon an Email you have received, closing down the Email program.
  10. The LeaseyClock. Includes the Stopwatch, the Countdown Timer, setting the alarm and customising the Westminster Chimes.
  11. The LeaseyDiary. Includes creating an appointment, viewing appointments, deleting appointments.
  12. LeaseyRadio. Includes listening to a station in a LeaseyRadio category, working with LeaseyRadio Favourites, managing LeaseyRadio presets, the LeaseyRadio top 10.
  13. LeaseyAudio. Includes creating a LeaseyPlaylist, listening to songs in a LeaseyPlaylist, adding to a LeaseyPlaylist, deleting a LeaseyPlaylist.
  14. Using the Internet. Includes an overview of the World Wide Web, searching for a website using Google, tips for navigating web pages, saving a webpage as a Leaseycut, browsing to a website directly, relocating web pages with LeaseyCuts.
  15. Getting Help. Includes Leasey Central, remote support, Check for Updates, what's new in Leasey, Leasey documentation.

Leasey Audio Demonstrations!

You can download a number of audio presentations about Leasey from this page. Each file is in the MP3 format.
Download the Leasey Overview.
Download the Blind Bargains Podcast interview about Leasey.
Download NCBI's Christmas 2014 Podcast Featuring Leasey.
Download FSCast Episode 100 from Freedom Scientific Featuring Leasey.
Download the first in depth audio presentation about Leasey given to Accessible World.
Download the demo of the LeaseyRadio Player.

Download the Leasey User Guide in Microsoft Word Format.

We strongly encourage you to read the Leasey Documentation very carefully first prior to downloading the demo. There are a number of setup requirements you need to make and it is essential that you follow every aspect of the documentation through thoroughly.

Leasey Total Package
Leasey Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which versions of JAWS will Leasey work with?

A: Versions 14, 15 or 16.

Q: Are there any versions of Microsoft Office you would particularly recommend?

A: Yes. Microsoft Office versions 2010 or 2013 are preferred.

Q: Does it matter which version of Microsoft windows I have?

A: No. Provided JAWS is performing as it should with the Windows operating system you are using, Leasey will function normally.

Q: Are there any steps you suggest I take before I install either the demonstration version of Leasey or a fully authorised copy?

A: Yes. Please read the documentation, particularly the sections on installation and configuration. If you have previously installed any custom script files, we suggest you back them up prior to installing Leasey in the event you wish to return to them in the future. To do this:

Go to the Start Menu.
Select All Programs.
Select JAWS, followed by the version number into which Leasey will be installed.
Select Explore JAWS.
Select Explore My Settings.
You will now be located inside a folder containing script and settings files. Please make a backup of all the files in this folder.
Press ALT+F4 to close down Windows (or File) Explorer.

Q: How many computers can I install Leasey onto with a single user licence?

A: Provided JAWS has been successfully activated on the computers you wish to use with Leasey, and the same JAWS serial number is being used on each of these, there are no difficulties. Leasey can be activated on each machine. Should you be using multiple JAWS serial numbers, additional licences will be required.

Q: Can I get Technical Support if I purchase Leasey?

A: Of course you can. All registered licence holders of Leasey Total Package and Leasey Advanced can obtain Technical Support by Email, Skype and telephone only. Please visit our Contact page to see how this can be obtained. Please do not ask support questions on social media, thank you.

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