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Soft Portable Seat that's Good for your back
Ease lower back and pelvic pain from long periods of sitting.
GoodCushion is perfect for airports, sporting or event seating.
Lightweight and portable
Comfortable and ergonomic
Simple and versatile
Innovative and affordable


The Design of The GoodCushion

The Dr. Liners GoodCushion seat cushion was designed to ease lower back and pelvic pain, pressure and fatigue caused by prolonged sitting. The product is used by people who sit or drive for prolonged periods of time. Users include air travelers, clerical employees, stadium attendees, commuters, drivers and paraplegic patients to name a few. Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

The unique contours of the cushion allows the weight of the upper body to be distributed more evenly over the sitting surface. The cushion also folds in half for easy transport/storage.

Easy to Use

Place the cushion flat on the sitting surface, either side up, with the round depression toward the back. Sit on the cushion with your weight centered on the round depression. Over a few days, the cushion will conform to your shape. TO TEST THE CUSHION, sit on the cushion for 10 seconds to get the "feel", then remove the cushion and sit again without it. Notice the difference.

Biomechanics of The GoodCushion

The primary intent of the Dr. Liners GoodCushion seat cushion is to prevent and/or relieve pressure within our lower back and pelvic areas caused by the downward weight of the upper body while we sit. When standing or walking, we are in motion, which eases pressures in our spinal structures.

While sitting, the weight of the upper body is concentrated upon the structures of our lower spine and pelvis. These structures include bones, joints, discs, nerves and vessels. Furthermore, if we sit on a flat surface, the Ischial bones at the bottom of the pelvis grind into a small focal area of gluteal soft tissue, sciatic nerves and vessels (the same thing happens when the bones of non-ambulatory patients press into soft tissues for prolonged periods creating bruising and inflamation). The compensating mechanism is to fidget, move around, get up and attempt to escape this focal pressure (antalgia). Clinical observation confirms that prolonged sitting may also aggravate pre-existing injuries and disorders.

Anatomical analysis reveals that in the sitting position, the level of our Ischial pelvic bowl is positioned lower than the level of the hips and thighs. This means that when sitting with our thighs at 90 degrees to the spine, all of the axial weight of the upper body is concentrated downward onto our Ischial pelvic bones. The weight then directly compresses the discs, nerves and joints of our lower back. If we sit on a surface that allows the Ischial bones to sink below the level of the hip joints, the weight of our upper body then disperses over the entire area of the gluteal and upper thigh soft tissues, decompressing lumbosacral structures.

The round depression in the cushion is placed where our Ischial pelvic bowl is located while sitting. This is the crucial design element for its effectiveness. When sitting on the cushion, our Ischial bones sink into this depression. Our upper body weight now spreads over the rest of the cushion. The inner foam of the cushion needs to be rather firm to provide this supporting effect. If the foam is too soft, the cushion would flatten and bottom out, losing the supporting effect.

The parallel ridges in the cushion design allow for ventilation and prevents the cover material from stretching out over time. Also, the double scoring down the center allows the cushion to fold for easy transport and storage.

The Problem

Focal pressure happens when you are seated for prolonged periods of time. The weight of the upper body compresses downward onto your lower back and pelvic bones. This downward weight is concentrated onto approximately 2 square inches of pelvic (Ischial bones). Simply place your hand under the buttocks while sitting
to feel how your weight is concentrated onto these bones.

The resulting pressure, discomfort and pain may make you uncomfortable, fidgety and fatigued. Prolonged sitting may also aggravate existing local injuries or disorders. When sitting for any length of time, there is a need to regularly interrupt what you’re doing to get up, fidget, move around and escape discomfort. This compensating mechanism to adopt positions, postures and actions to avoid discomfort is called antalgia.

The Solution

The illustration shows how the Dr. Liners GoodCushion seat cushion allows your pelvic bones to sink below the level of your hips/thighs while sitting. When this happens, the downward weight and pressure of the upper body is removed from your pelvic bones, lower back/discs and re-distributed over a much larger soft tissue area of your gluteals/upper thighs. The result is immediate, long-term relief of lower body pressure and chronic fatigue. When these pressures are released, there is much less chronic discomfort and antalgia. Hence, there is a higher sense of energy and well-being over the entire day.

For instance, without the cushion, there's an average of approximately 40 pounds of weight per square inch concentrated downward onto the Ischial bones. Sitting with the cushion, the weight on the Ischial bones reduces to approximately 3 pounds per square inch. This difference in pressure is drastically and immediately noticeable when using the Dr. Liners GoodCushion portable seat cushion.

Who Needs This?

Clerical Workers
Stadium Attendees
Air Travelers
Spinal Patients
Proctology Patients
Ob/Gyn Patients
Wheelchair Patients
Non-Ambulatory Patients


Weight: 5.9 ounces
Dimensions: 16.75" x 18.5" x 1" (Folded 16.75" x 8.85" x 2")
Composition: 100% polyethylene foam, 100% nylon outer covering
Care: Cleans by wiping with soap and water, air dry


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