Uprise standing desk

SKU: UP-1001-D
Note 1: Assembly required (see videos below)

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Uprise standing desk

Uprise Sit-to-Stand Desk.  With its contemporary lifting columns, this standing desk base will amaze you with its functionality, reliability and unique components that will define itself amongst others in the marketplace.

Rather than lock yourself in any particular sized base the desk is both adjustable in height and width! The telescopes from 44.5" wide to 74" wide, so the base is ideal for work surfaces ranging from 46" wide to over 84" wide. The Uprise Desk is ideal for anyone whom wishes to sit, stand or even add a treadmill so you can sit, stand and walk at your desk.

This desk with its thee stage columns ranges in height from 24" to 49.75" (this includes a desktop). The Uprise Desk has been weight tested at over 400 lbs. Our base is certified at 800 Newtons per lifting column which equates to 180 lbs for a single column base, 360 lbs for a two column base and 540 lbs for the 3 column desk.

With its sturdy 3 stroke lifting column the Uprise Desk moves at an astonishing 1.7" per second. Not only will you be surprised by the speed, you will immediately not hear the normal groaning and grinding noise associated with most desk motors. This desk outranks its rivals by offering an uncompromising noise level of only 39dB (whisper quiet) when being operated. The lack of noise is ideal for collaborative or cubicle settings & perfect for the home office environment as well. 

The Uprise glides at 1.7" a second which makes it incredibly easy to transition from seated to standing position, while other discount desks take additional time. Click on image to see a side-by-side comparison: 

The Uprise is also one of the quietest desks on the mark. This video was taped at standard volume level. It's important that desks do not make noise in a collaborative work environment, it can become incredibly distracting: 


Telescopes from 44.5” to 74” which accommodates desk tops from 46” to 80” plus wide
Speed: raises/lowers at 1.7” per seconds up to 180lbs (including table top) 1.4" per second at 230 lbs to 275 lbs.
3 stroke lifting column raises & lowers from 24” to 49.75” high
360 lbs lifting power
39dB level (whisper quiet)
0.06W standby power consumption (one of the most green electric desks in the market)
Power consumption use in 280W
Anti-collision feature
Soft start/stop feature (least friction on the gears)
Control Box: maximum output: 29V DC, 10.0A
Safety Functions:
Overheat protection
Overload protection
Timeout/leg unbalance protection
Comes in black, silver & white bases
5 year warranty
4 position LED Pre-set

Minimum suggested top size: 24" D x 45" W
Maximum suggest top size: 34" D x 84" W

Basic worksurfaces

Single piece rectangle top
Feature Wilsonart High Pressure Laminates
Durable 2 mm edgeband edge finish

24" rectangular table top depth **

SKU: UP-1001-2448 - 24" D X 48" W (Default)
SKU: UP-1001-2454 - 24" D X 54" W
SKU: UP-1001-2460 - 24" D X 60" W
SKU: UP-1001-2466 - 24" D X 66" W

SKU: UP-1001-2472 - 24" D X 72" W
SKU: UP-1001-2484 - 24" D X 84" W

30" rectangular table top depth **

SKU: UP-1001-3048 - 30" D X 48" W
SKU: UP-1001-3054 - 30" D X 54" W

SKU: UP-1001-3060 - 30" D X 60" W
SKU: UP-1001-3066 - 30" D X 66" W

SKU: UP-1001-3072 - 30" D X 72" W
SKU: UP-1001-3084 - 30" D X 84" W

** Actual dimensions - 1" less

Worksurface Grommets

Optional Grommets for cord management for desk top accessories
Available in 2" or 2.75" diameter
Available in black
Position: Left | Centre | Right

Rise Top Colors

UpRise Top Colors

Woodgrain Laminates

SKU: MA - Natural Maple - Wilsonart #: 7911-60
SKU: FM - Fusion Maple - Wilsonart #: 7909-60
SKU: RC - River Cherry - Wilsonart #: 7937-38
SKU: CH - Wild Cherry - Wilsonart #: 7054-60
SKU: MH - Deep Mahogany - Wilsonart #: 7040A-60
SKU: TE - Studio Teak - Wilsonart #: 7960K-18 (upcharge applies)

Patterned Laminates

SKU: SD - Sand - Wilsonart #: 4143-60
SKU: RN - Rain - Wilsonart #: 4621-60
SKU: ST - Storm - Wilsonart #: 4622-60
SKU: SL - Slate - Wilsonart #: 4820-60
SKU: SN - Stone - Wilsonart #: 4623-60
SKU: LN - Linen - Wilsonart #: 4943-38

Solid Laminates

SKU: SO - Snow - Wilsonart #: D354-60
SKU: LG - Light Grey - Wilsonart #: 1500-60
SKU: PL - Platinum - Wilsonart #: D315-60
SKU: CR - Charcoal - Wilsonart #: S-434 CA (Arborite laminate)
SKU: BL - Midnight Black - Wilsonart #: 1595-6

Uprise Assembly Instructions

Caster options (ships with desk)

Hardwood Locking (set of 4)

75mm ( 3" Diameter ) Un-Hooded
Twin Wheel
110 lbs Dynamic Capacity
Solid Nylon Construction
Soft Polyurethane Wheels
Optional Wheel Brake
Steel Axle
Color Black
Over All Height - Stem Casters - 3 1/2"
Over All Height - Plate Casters - 3 3/4"
Swivel Radius - Non-Brake - 2 3/8"
Swivel Radius - Brake - 3 7/16"

casters hardwood

Carpet Locking (set of 4)

60mm Un-Hooded
Twin Wheel - 2 3/8" Diameter
130 lbs Dynamic Capacity
Solid Nylon Construction
Solid Nylon Wheels
Wheel Tread approx 1/2" wide
Steel Axle
Color Black - Gray Spokes
Optional Wheel Brake
Over All Height - 2 3/4"
Swivel Radius - 2" - Non-Brake
Swivel Radius - 3 1/16" - Brake

castes carpet

Cable management options

Designed to house and route cables, power strips and ballasts, NeatLinks improve access to and protection of technology used in modern workspaces. The system keeps technology and cords off the floor to maintain an organized work area and facilitate cleaning under desks. NeatLinks are designed for quick, easy installation—in any direction, to almost any plane—with two screws or mounting tape, and can be installed in countless configurations to accommodate each user and unique work environment.

NeatLinks Small - 17" 3.6" Dia/ Black
NeatLinks Large - 24" 3.6" Dia / Black

NeatLinks SmallNeatLinks Large

Integrated Cable Management   Uprise 4 position LED Preset


We will ensure that you get exactly what you need. We will contact you with freigh charges once your order is placed. Contact us with your Postal Code if you would like to know the freight charges prior to ordering. We manage freight, brokerage, customs and duties to ensure your new desk arrives without complications.


Love it
I researched and thought long and hard about this purchase and have no regrets. Fairly easy to assemble, works as expected, and I love my new workspace. Great customer service too.
Whitney B.

Uprise Stand Desk Review
The desk came in very quickly. We were impressed with how fast it got here with free shipping. Everything on the desk worked just the way it was susposed to. We are happy with it.
Deborah B.

Solid desk, very high quality materials, incredibly sturdy.
Searched for a good amount of time for a standing desk, I had great fears about the wobble factor of these standing desks and the quality of the materials used on the desks under $1000. After seeing many positive reviews for this desk, and seeing it was using the more reliable TiMotion base, I decided to pull the trigger on the desk.
-Time for initial shipping was pretty quick (~about 1-2 weeks for something as big as a desk), but there were issues in the timely delivery of the tabletop. The base ended up coming about a week before the top, and the LED preset controller went out of stock after the purchase, so I am still waiting on it to come. The good news here is that Ergoprise was very responsive and helpful during the delay.
-On arrival, the first thing I noticed was how damn heavy the parts were for the desk. This was very pleasing to see as I did not want to have some cheap lightweight materials for the foundation of all my work.
-Assembly took a good chunk of the day. Everything was very straight forward in terms of assembly with the exception of two noticeable things:
-1. The images in the booklet for 4 screws at the top of each leg is not correct. The image only shows the insertion of 2 screws each, but it is actually 4 needed. The Ergoprise assembly video online has the correct instructions.
-2. The positioning of the frame on the desk itself is somewhat left up to interpretation. They specify an acceptable min/max distance for the legs, but I would have preferred an optimal measurement in how far I was supposed to space the legs apart from one another and in from the sides. As well, I spent a good amount of time measuring and making sure my frame was perfectly centered on the tabletop. Some printed guides on the top for where to place the frame would have saved me a good amount of time drawing and positioning.
-Outside of those two minor issues, the assembly was smooth and easy.
-Final thoughts after a few weeks of use. The desk is incredibly solid, I have a hard time getting it to wobble at all with all of my computer and audio equipment on the desk. The sound level of the desk moving is incredibly low, and it moves at a fairly fast pace for quick position changes. I can find no problems, or even minor issues with the desk itself, a really solid purchase if you are looking for a new sit/stand desk.
-I give the desk a 5 star rating as I cannot find any fault in the product itself.
-I would give the overall process however of buying 4/5 stars, just for the minor inconveniences of shipping delays, LED controller (not required) out of stock, and assembly instructions and guides could have been a little bit better.
-Overall, a great product! Would highly recommend to colleagues and family.
Grant H.

Love my Uprise Standing Desk
I recently purchased the Uprise Standing Desk and after a couple months of use I couldn't be more pleased. The desk arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. This is a very solid and stable desk that I can tell will last for years. The bamboo top is beautiful. Most of all, the service from Ergoprise was top-notch. My account specialist, Normandie, was extremely helpful and never put on the hard sell. She even sent me a video to assist with assembly, and then called to follow up. This is a company that understands how to take care of their customers
Paul K.

Uprise Standing Desk
We purchased this desk with the Washington Cherry top and white legs and really love it. The top is substantial and appears to have a durable surface. The motorized legs are very stable with minimal motion even when fully extended and the motor is quiet and smooth. We received the top and legs in 2 separate boxes each approx 75 lbs. Installation was staightforward and took about 40 minutes. Having a helper is helpful but I managed to assemble it alone. The clean modern appearance of this desk was what we were hoping for.
Ka-Kei N.

If you need an adjustable work surface - look no further!
When I first contacted Ergoprise about purchasing an Uprise height adjustable desk, I had planned on only buying one. I was so impressed with the desk that I have since ordered four more. The desk is very high quality - not particle board or something you would get at a local retail store. I would highly recommend this product!
Matthew P.

I could not be more pleased with this desk. Its construction is superb, movement is nearly silent, and the benefits are priceless. I also got a treadmill with mine and have been walking nearly all day every day since I got it (~12 miles/day). My entire office is jealous and wants the same setup as well now.

Great stand up desk - beware of shipping / delivery though
These desks are great - the only thing I found with three separate orders for the same desk is that the shipping method/practice is not standard. My third delivery was problematic as the delivery person informed me that he could not unload the 500 lbs of boxes off of his truck for 3 desks. I needed to wrangle up staff members last minute to retrieve the items and deliver them ourselves. Wish I had known this ahead of time - like maybe when the delivery company called me the day before to check when we would be open and available for the delivery.

I'm using it now
I have a 30x60 desktop and the mechanism without presets. I have no experience with other desks like this, but I am very happy with the desk. I guess for me as a buyer it was important to get an idea what would fit on the desk. A 34" 21:9 monitor with monitor arm, a flatbed scanner, two laptops standing on their sides, a small MIDI controller, a Wacom pad, a stand for my phone, an 18x24 cutting mat live permanently on the desk. I could probably fit some small speakers if I wanted to. There's still plenty of room to write in a notebook and have a beverage. My sheet-fed scanner doesn't fit but that's ok. I've only used it for a little over a week and standing while working really helps my digestion! I didn't know that was going to happen. This size desk works well while using small elliptical or balance board too. You can store both the elliptical and a chair under the desk. You can put a whole chair clear underneath the desk if you needed to save space, since the desk goes up high.
Joanne I.

Great desk, and EXCELLENT service!
The desk itself functions as promised, and I'm very happy with it. During installation I had difficulties, and the team went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure all issues were resolved !!! like I said, great desk supported by an excellent team....
Yasser R.

Best standing desk I found
I purchased the uprise standing desk recently. My reason was that i had a coccyx problem and could not sit, but then i realized that this will help me even once my coccyx heals. I sat at my old desk for hours and hours, and that desk was the wrong height even for sitting, let alone standing. i really wanted a desk that i could set to the correct height whether i was standing or sitting, to have my elbows at the ergonomic 90 degree angle. I purchased the uprise base and added a beautiful oak table top. I researched desks for about 3 months before selecting uprise, i'm very thorough, i looked at maybe 25 different brands! Why i chose uprise mainly:
1) best price for the quality out of all of them
2) even though there were delays in the delivery, i actually got really good personalized service and i developed trust
3) best features for the price
4) one of the few that offered the base only, i live in Canada, so shipping and custom costs were a factor, i just wanted to get the base.
5) in other desks, important items were missing like maybe it wouldn't be strong enough, or it would be too noisy, or it would wobble when it was high up, or it would just look cheap, or it wouldn't go down to the low level that i really wanted, which was important to me, i wanted my feet planted on the ground, 90degree angle in my knees and my elbows, this is much lower than most desks!
Now that i have it, it is so fantastic to have this desk and be able to stand/sit when you want, and have this quality product.

Whisper quiet, well-built, sit-to-stand desk
After waiting several weeks for the base to be shipped, I have just assembled the Uprise Standing Desk (sit-to-stand). The materials seem to be top-notch; the motor is whisper-quiet; and everything works as expected. The leg motors are so quiet that this desk would be at home in a common workspace or home office.
A few notes:
1) If you assemble the desk yourself, allow about 1 hour. You may need help lifting the top, but the elements of the desk base, individually, are not overly heavy.
2) Recommended tools: drill, preferably variable speed; phillips screwdrivers (both medium & large tips); and a tape measure. The base comes with 2 separate hex keys (allen wrenches) that are needed for installing several bolts (also provided).
3) Assembly instructions were not included with my shipment, but they are available from the vendor. Be sure to ask. Most of the assembly is intuitive, except for the next item.
4) Follow the simple procedure to sync the leg motors after you assemble the desk. The system won't work unless the sync operation, as described with the installation instructions, is performed first. Fortunately, it only takes a few seconds.
5) I strongly recommend a CPU holder and the plastic devices to organize & hide electrical cords.
6) A monitor arm is a good idea to move monitors to an appropriate height.
Ken Matheny

Great desk!
The assembly was easy. The desk is sturdy and functional. I knocked off half a star because the tabletop came with a sticker on the top of the desk (there's still some sticker residue after peeling). The other half a star is because I have to hold the button even for presets for the desk to move, which makes the preset controller pointless.
Eric C.

Tall User - 6 Months after purchase
After breaking my tailbone falling down stairs in April 2015, I decided to finally also break the bank and order an Uprise; walnut cover and programmable controller. Shipped fast. Assembly was easy with a power drill. I actually used a tape measure and had it together in about an hour. The advanced controller was backordered, though. I wasn't told during the purchase process but the box had the normal controller and they shipped the programmable one to me as soon as they had it available. It uses the same control plug so it's just a swap out. The desk is excellent quality and is quiet enough to use in an open office environment without annoying my coworkers.

Most importantly, I'm 6'7". I normally work with my shoes off on an antifatigue mat, and this desk is tall enough. Fully extended there is a *slight* amount of shake when somebody walks by, or when somebody nearby is thumping their legs nervously. However, it's much less noticeable than my previous desk which always felt like it was going to fall apart.

I don't regret buying the desk in any way. It's top quality, sturdy, and quiet. One of the common things people say is that you buy a sit/stand desk and then always stand. I think that's kind of silly. Standing all the time isn't any better than sitting all the time. Mine goes up & down at least once a day, sometimes 2-3x. If you're on the fence about a sit/stand desk... spend the money for a good one like the Uprise. It's your health at stake. I would not buy the cable management trays again, however.

Life Changer
The Uprise desk has made a huge difference in my everyday life. When I was looking for a standing desk I was in need of a system that could adjust easily to sitting and standing while still holding all of my monitors and accessories, like calculator, phone, docking station and office supplies. I was also looking for a way to find relief from the pain that sitting all day was causing to my neck, back, and arms. The improvements I've seen physically have been wonderful. The flexibility that using this system provides has made it so I can always find a comfortable position to do my work in. I recommend this desk highly!
Lauren M.

A real hip and back saver
I just put my Uprise desk together. I absolutely love it. I'm a tall guy (6'2) and it seems plenty stable at my standing position. It was reasonably easy to put together. It looks good. It moves up and down just fine. Mine is at home so noise isn't much of an issue but I can imagine that in an office setting its up-down whir is would be unheard or lost in the background noise. Its obviously a basic design, but it is solid and looks good. I would recommend getting the computer case and monitor arm. I skipped the keyboard tray and don't think I'll miss it.

Its early yet, so can't say much about the durability, but so far I LOVE it. I expect I'll feel better and that my productivity will go up. Just the thought of sitting at a desk at home after 8 hours sitting at work made my hips feel stiff and my back ache. I actually did 3-4 hours of work last weekend at home - something I haven't done in years but should have been doing

Great desk with one major flaw
I LOVE the functionality of this desk.
The customer service is exceptional.
The desk is sturdy.
The instructions could definitely be better, but were okay. We figured it out.
It's is super quiet, which I love. Any slight noise startles my three dogs, since they sleep next to my desk as I work. This makes them look up, but doesn't startle them.
An extra bolt for each piece should be added. I had to go to Home Depot to buy another when one of the bolts wasn't machine properly.
My issue is with the top. I wish (oh, how I wish) I'd gotten a light-colored top. The Washington Cherry shows EVERY SINGLE FINGER/HAND PRINT. I hate it. It looks awful all the time. And I don't have greasy hands, either. I really hate the top, but I'm stuck with it because I didn't know that until we'd put it all together that it would do that. It's like finding out ythe toy you asked for for Christmas is missing the best part. Maybe someday I'll have a friend make me a new top. Until then, I'll just have to deal with it since the rest of the desk is great.
Overall, I'm grateful to have found a wonderful (albeit, only a week old) desk that is (almost) everything I was looking for in a sit-stand desk.
Sandi P.

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