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SpeakEasy Media System for Visually Impaired - Sorry, Discontinued - see LapTalk

The SpeakEasy Media System for visually impaired is the most intuitive computer for the blind available. The SpeakEasy empowers visually impaired users to instantly “get online” with no training required! Plug it in, and you’re ready to go. You will be checking your e-mail within a matter of minutes.


Unique Media System for Visually Impaired

What makes the SpeakEasy so easy to use is its unique design approach. Typically computers for the blind are limited to the capabilities of a screen reader. These screen readers use applications designed for sighted individuals, then add vocalizations. While this option does provide access to the computer system, it is often very time consuming to learn, difficult to use, not integrative, and generally more expensive. The SpeakEasy Media System, however, is designed specifically for you, the visually impaired user. Navigation through the system is menu driven, consistent, and easy.

Ease of use is the cornerstone of the SpeakEasy Media System’s design. The simple five minute start up tutorial is all the training you will need to be proficient with this machine. It is as easy as selecting the option from a menu and information is instantly read out loud. Users will never get stuck within the system thanks to a dedicated help button.

Computer for the Blind is Simple and Intuitive 

The SpeakEasy Media System delivers simple and intuitive access to information. Designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired, the Media System enables its users to read typed documents, news, e-mail, audio books, encyclopedia, dictionary, weather forecasts, and much more. The system comes preconfigured with an e-mail account, many news publication sources, and radio shows, to name a few of its features. All of these features are part of an integrated solution that blind and visually impaired users will find remarkably easy to use.

SpeakEasy Media System Evaluation 

We are extremely confident that you will find the SpeakEasy to be an invaluable solution. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to try it out, risk free. Please Contact Us to request a free software evaluation.

SpeakEasy Media System Tutorial

To help you get acquainted with the basic operation of your system, we include a brief tutorial that opens at first launch. Many of our users choose to skip this step, as operation of the SpeakEasy is quite simple and intuitive. In addition, the system offers extensive audio documentation on how to use each of the features.

SpeakEasy Media System Offers Intuitive Help

The SpeakEasy Media System features empowers its users with an extensive menu-based help setup. Every user interaction has an associated help menu in case you get stuck. There is no need to learn complicated keystrokes or finger-twisting button combinations because everything is accessible via the help menu. Accessing the help menu is as simple as pressing the help button.

Automatic Upgrades

The purchase of the SpeakEasy Media System Complete entitles you to two years of free upgrades. Frequently, new features and current feature enhancements are added based on feedback from customers like you. These upgrades will be automatically installed on your system as they come available.

Typing Tutor

Do you need to learn to touch type? No problem! Most SpeakEasy Media System features do not require any typing ability. Some capabilities, such as e-mail, do require typing on a keyboard. Included with the SpeakEasy is a guided typing tutor. Each lesson introduces new keys and explains how to find them. The fully audible typing tutor will alert you to mistakes and provide helpful tips as to the proper finger positions to use when typing the keys. You will be typing emails in no time! 

Internet Connectivity

Many of the SpeakEasy Media System features offer require an internet connection. If you already have an internet connection, the SpeakEasy Media System can easily connect to it. If not, your local telephone or cable television company can provide you with an affordable monthly plan.

Scan & Read

The Scan & Read feature scans printed documents, then reads them back in a high-quality voice. Simply place any form of printed text on the included scanner and the system speaks the words on the page. You can store these documents on your computer or send them to a portable player to be listened to while you are on-the-go.

Scan & Magnify

For low vision users, the SpeakEasy Media System can scan a picture or text document and magnify it to a much larger size. Users can easily pan or zoom this image to see their document.


E-mail is a fantastic technology that allows us to keep in touch with family and friends. The SpeakEasy makes e-mail incredibly easy. The system provides you with a free e-mail address. Just provide us with your name and desired e-mail address, and the SpeakEasy will automatically configure all the settings for you. Just plug in your system and, “You’ve got mail!”

Address Book

This is a fully integrated address book that allows you to store contact information including name, physical address, phone number, email address, and birthday. Email addresses that you save in your address book will automatically be added into your email account’s contact list; and birthdays will be automatically added to you calendar. The SpeakEasy makes it easy to stay organized and keep you connected with your friends and family.

Music Player & Radio

The SpeakEasy Media System offers a selection of thousands of music and talk radio stations. Just choose a category, and the music or talk show will instantly start playing for you. This service is much like satellite radio; but as with all of the content on the SpeakEasy Media System, there is no service fee. All you need is an internet connection.

Audio & MP3 CD’s

Do you have a Daisy audio book CD that you would like to read? Did your friend give you CD of her favorite songs? The SpeakEasy Media System will allow you to listen to both! Just pop it into your disc drive, prop up your feet, and let your computer do the rest.

Audio Books

In addition to being compatible with Daisy books, the SpeakEasy Media System will enable you to read other audio books from the web. Available to users are Books on Tape (these have been recorded with human voices) and Audio Books (these are books read by machines). The list of books available is ever-expanding, and these will be at your fingertips.

Podcast Audio Shows

Listen to the radio shows that you want to hear, whenever you want! The SpeakEasy Media System comes preconfigured with a variety of sources — from shows that are pertinent to the visually impaired to NPR to major radio shows. Just select the show, then relax as your system retrieves the show and plays it with rich audio quality!

News Articles

Get the news you want, when you want it. Using the easy-to-navigate menus, just select one of the preconfigured news sources (New York Times, USA Today, Blind Access Journal, etc) and your SpeakEasy Media System will automatically load the day’s headlines. Choose which story you would like to listen to, and your system will immediately begin reading it.

Web Searches

Do you want to know why your refrigerator stays cool? How about a good recipe for chicken? Get answers to your questions using the Web Search feature of you SpeakEasy Media System. Just choose one of the search engines on the list, type in your question, and let the computer tell you the answer!

Weather Forecast

See if it’s going to rain today using the Weather Forecast module of your SpeakEasy Media System. This feature delivers up-to-date weather forecasts whenever you need them; it will even give you the forecast for the week!

Talking Encyclopedia

Let the SpeakEasy Media System help you in your quest for knowledge. After you type in a subject, your computer will read you answers from online encyclopedia sources. You may learn too much!

Talking Dictionary

Not sure what a word means? No problem. The SpeakEasy Media System will rescue you from a potentially unpropitious moment!

Talking Synonym

Are you a poet looking for a word that rhymes with “orange” but means angry? Well, the SpeakEasy Media System cannot help you there. Unfortunately, nothing rhymes with orange (and your poem sounds totally weird). The Media System can, however, find you a synonym! Just type it in.

Business Directory

Forget the phone book, perform faster business searches using the SpeakEasy Business Directory. All you have to do is enter in search criteria and the zip code, and the SpeakEasy will give you a list of places to choose from.

Portable Player

These days, multitasking is an art. You are a busy person. Let us help you perfect that art with the Portable Player! You don’t have time to sit at your desk and sift through files, and you shouldn’t have to. Just send that information to your Portable Player, and take your documents on-the-go. This SpeakEasy Media System feature has been intuitively integrated with your system. Just press a button, and the text will be quickly transferred to your iPod. Listen to it at your convenience, wherever you are.

Talking Note Taker

Let the SpeakEasy Media System’s Talking Note Taker help you stay organized. You can write notes or lists, then give them a title, and store them into the SpeakEasy’s virtually limitless memory. You will be able to retrieve these notes later based on title or date saved. Need to make your grocery list? Type it into Talking Note Taker, then send it to your Portable Player. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring the player with you!


The Calendar feature will help you stay organized. You can enter tons of information about your upcoming events and set reminders to alert you as they draw near. When you enter the birthdays of your friends and family into your SpeakEasy Address Book, the integrated SpeakEasy Calendar will also be updated with their birthdays.

Talking Alarm Clock

Keep on task as you work on your SpeakEasy with the talking alarm clock. You can check the current date and time, set a timer to count down the time, or set an alarm clock to alert you at a specific time. It’s easy, and you will get your alerts while you are in any feature of the system.


Use the calculator feature to do simple mathematical calculations on your SpeakEasy.

Advanced Screen Reader

The SpeakEasy Media System’s main features have been designed to be easy to use and require little to no prior training for proficiency. The Advanced Screen Reader is considered an Advanced Feature. As such, it takes more skill and practice to use this tool effectively. It is, nonetheless, useful if you would like to run other programs on your computer. This feature functions similarly to traditional screen readers.

Advanced Web Browser

This feature is also considered to be a SpeakEasy Media System Advanced Feature. Just like the Advanced Screen Reader, this feature will require some practice for proficiency. It also works like traditional screen readers; however, when you select this feature from the SpeakEasy menu, you will be placed directly in a Mozilla Firefox web browser. From there, you can surf the web freely. When you wish to return to your Media System menu, just press the button!

SpeakEasy Laptops Software Create Independence

The following SpeakEasy laptops software for the blind, visually impaired offer an intuitively easy way to work and play online.


1) SpeakEasy Media System

SpeakEasy Media System Software
High Fidelity Scan & Read
Includes all Features
Laptop Computer running Windows
Flatbed Scanner
Portable audio player

2) SpeakEasy Media System Software

SpeakEasy Media System Software
Does not include Scan & Read feature
Works with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, or Windows 7/8
Software Compatibilies: Computer runnning Windows XP or later

SpeakEasy FAQ

The following is the list of SpeakEasy FAQ. If you have questions not answered here please contact us.

How much audio can be stored onto the portable player?
Does the SpeakEasy Laptop have Wireless capability?
What are the specifications for the laptop used by the SpeakEasy Media System Complete?
What are the specifications for the laptop used by the SpeakEasy Media System Basic?
Can I install other software on the laptop?
Can I use a different voice on the SpeakEasy than the one that is installed?
Can I surf the internet with the SpeakEasy?
I do not know how to type on a computer keyboard, can I still use the SpeakEasy Media System?
Can I try the software on my own computer before purchasing?

How much audio can be stored onto the portable player?

The portable player offers a tremendous amount of storage in a very small package. It can store between 30 and 40 hours of audio at any time. This is equivalent to 25 audio CDs!

Does the SpeakEasy Laptop have Wireless capability?

Yes. All of the SpeakEasy packages can be connected to the internet using wireless “WLAN” connections. The system also supported wired “Ethernet” connections.

What are the specifications for the laptop used by the SpeakEasy Media System Complete?

The laptops are manufactured by Dell, and will always have at least a dual core Intel processor and 4GB of memory. The detailed hardware specifications for the SpeakEasy Media System Complete change regularly as new laptop computer models become available. The SpeakEasy uses the latest laptop models to ensure that your system will continue to serve you long into the future.

What are the specifications for the laptop used by the SpeakEasy Media System Basic?

The SpeakEasy Media System Basic is an ultra lightweight, portable laptop. The laptop features 1 GB of memory, 1 GHz processor, and an 8″ screen. The laptop has a battery that lasts roughly 2.5 hours on a single charge, and it is as light as a feather — the whole system weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

Can I install other software on the laptop?

The SpeakEasy allows you to install and operate other software on the laptop system. The SpeakEasy runs on the latest version of Microsoft Windows and there are no restrictions that would prevent you from using your computer as you like. In order to make other software accessible on your SpeakEasy, we, include a “Screen Reader” program. This allows you to access the underlying Windows operating system as well as other programs.

Can I use a different voice on the SpeakEasy than the one that is installed?

Absolutely. The SpeakEasy ships with two voices by default, but it is possible to use other voices. Individual voices can be purchased separately from vendors such as NextUp and can be installed onto your system.

Can I surf the internet with the SpeakEasy?

Yes. The SpeakEasy software allows you to access many types of information on the internet without ever needing to open a web browser. However, if you do need to navigate to a web page, the SpeakEasy includes a screen reader to help you do it. The screen reader vocalizes the content of any web page that you open. It does require training to become proficient, which is why we consider this an advanced feature.

I do not know how to type on a computer keyboard, can I still use the SpeakEasy Media System?

Certainly. Most features in the SpeakEasy do not require any typing skills. There are a few keys (up, down, and enter) that are used to navigate through the menus in the system.

For other features such as E-mail or NoteTaker, you will need to learn how to type. Fortunately, the SpeakEasy has you covered. The Typing Tutor feature is a fully vocalized, series of lesson that will have you typing in no time. As you use the system, every time you press a key it will speak it back to you, so you know what you’re typing. Also, each word is automatically checked for spelling so you can quickly correct any mistakes. See the Features Page to read more about TypingTutor.

As a separate purchase and configuration, some users have also set up speech to text programs, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Programs like this can convert your speech into text that the SpeakEasy will understand.

The SpeakEasy instruction manual is also available here: SpeakEasy Canada.
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