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Readit Software

Automatic multi-lingual speech output
6 enhanced visualisations: image, overlay, column, horizontal, vertical, word - See below
Text highlighting
Large cursors and scrollbars
Variable spacing
Document storage
Import and export documents
Annotate documents
Integrated dictionary
Speak punctuation
Easy access toolbar
Incredible document straightening abilities
Windows 7 & 8 multi-touch support
Full MAC OS X support
Works with flatbed scanners (WIA compatible); VisionAid cameras.

Readit Software Features

Flatbed scanner support 

Users with WIA compatible scanners can now use them to acquire images directly into the Readit software.  Background scanning is also supported meaning you can listen to your document whilst scanning additional pages in the background.

Flatbed scanner support
Crop to text

When capturing or scanning a document, Readit now has the ability to remove the additional area outside of your main document (background permitting) which means it stores only the information you need it to. This can also improve the quality of exported Microsoft Word documents.

Crop to text

Pause on line breaks 

To help break up the reading of your documents, Readit now features the ability to automatically pause at the end of every line. This is especially useful when reading lists and tables.

Pause on line breaks

Line, word and character spacing 

The spacing options for text have now been enhanced to include word and characters adjustments as well as line spacing. This means users can perfectly tweak the layout of the recognised text within their documents to precisely suit their visual preferences.

Line word and character spacing

Original page orientation

For blind users, Readit now allows you to hear the original orientation of your page. This is extremely useful if you need to file things away or simply want to make sure you have a book the right way round!

Original page orientation

Support for new Readit keypad

We have now developed a specially designed custom keypad for Readit products that has two major advantages:

Keypad Ease of use: The most commonly used controls have their own dedicated, custom shaped and sized tactile button, so you don't have to remember any shortcut keys at all if you don't want to.

Keypad Productivity: Readit's keypad has been specially designed to enhance its background reading functionality. Have Microsoft Word open and in focus and as you type into your document, you can be controlling the reading of your document in Readit or even capturing a new page, all without having to change focus.

Readit Keypad

Readit Features

Readit allows low vision and blind users of all abilities to read their documents faster and more easily than ever before.

Import / acquire images quickly and easily

Quickly import practically any document on your PC or Mac*, either directly through Windows Explorer or "File" -> "Import" in the menu.

 Import & acquire images quickly and easily

Easy to use

The Readit software has been designed to be as simple to operate as possible - with just a few keystrokes you perform all the main functions. The adjustable size, easy access toolbars, with clear, colourful icons give instant access to all the main controls.


Speech output of documents

Readit can instantly begin reading your document out loud at any point with a simple double-left click on your desired starting point. For many users, the speech output combined with the enhanced visualisations of the document make reading far easier. 

Speech output of documents

Enhanced visualisations for reading

Readit features a total of 8 different colour enhanced or re-formatted modes to ensure the user can find the exact reading style that best suits their needs. These are:

Enhanced visualizations for reading

1) Image View

This shows the original image of the document that can then be altered and enhanced. Image mode is most commonly used when a user has hand written documents where ReadEasy is unable to recognise the handwriting so that it can be re-formatted. It's also ideal for looking at purely photographic documents. Image view contains four modes:

Image View
a) Colour

This is the original representation of the document where users can adjust the image saturation to enhance their document.  See colour visualization!

Colour view


b) Enhanced Greyscale

This replaces the colours of the document with your chosen two colour combination. This is extremely useful for users who wish to read and magnify hand written letters or other text that cannot be recognised and read aloud. See Enhanced Greyscale visualization!

Enhanced Greyscale

Enhanced greyscale

c) Binary

A variation on Enhanced Greyscale mode, Binary can help to bring out the user's document in their chosen two colour combination even if the document contains coloured backgrounds with similarly coloured text on top of them. See Binary visualization!


Binary view

2) Overlay View

This unique mode allows you to retain your document layout and full colour images whilst fully enhancing the text. It's also a great view to choose exactly which word you would like ReadEasy to begin reading your document to you. See overlay view!

Overlay View

Overlay view

3) Column View

This view automatically wraps text across the screen depending on the user's chosen magnification level. The document can then be scrolled and read vertically. It is ideal for reading longer passages of text.  See Column view!

Column View

Column view

4) Horizontal View

This view stretches all of your document's text into a single line, reducing potential confusion and interference that can be caused by multiple lines of text. See Horizontal view!

Horizontal View

Horizontal view

5) Vertical View

This view centres a single word on each line which can then be scrolled vertically. For users with Retinitis Pigmentosa (tunnel vision) this can sometimes greatly increase their reading speed. See Vertical view!

Vertical View

Vertical view

6) Word View

This displays one word of text on screen at a time, in the middle. This view can be ideal if very high magnification levels are required or for users learning the spelling of words. See Word view!

Word View

Word view

Instant Next and Previous Screen reading

Next and Previous screen allows instant navigation around your document one screen of text at a time with no scrolling or blurring of text. Just read what's on the screen and press the next screen button. No scrolling of text means less eye strain and faster and more comfortable reading!

Instant reading

Text highlighting

Three customisable text highlights are present- underline, rectangle and inverse to suit your reading style.

Text highlighting

Text high-lighting

Bookmark documents

Place bookmarks in your documents to be able to navigate back to them immediately (e.g. for chapter headings in books).

Bookmark documents
Text search

Powerful text search functionality lets you navigate straight to any word or phrase in a document, saving time

Text search
Edit Pages

Made a mistake in your document? Simply remove the page, re-order it, rotate it, re-recognise it or delete it with a simple to use "Pages" dialog.

Edit pages

Multiple Language Support with Auto Language Switching

ReadEasy Move 2 maintains its class leading automatic language detection. It is highly intelligent and allows sentence-by-sentence switching making it the perfect tool for learning and reading in multiple languages. 

ReadEasy Move 2 ships with one Voice Pack activated as standard. Additional packs can be enabled at time of purchase or at a later date with the use of a coded document. These can be purchased from your local distributor. Simply photograph the paper they send you and the additional language pack will be instantly enabled. 

Please see the table below for the full list of supported languages: 


Touch Screen Support

Low Vision Touch feature 

Press to start reading / toolbar access

To start reading from a particular word in your document, simply double press it. To use any control on the Easy Access Toolbar, simply press on it.

Press to start reading

Pinch to zoom

To decrease the magnification, simply use a pinching motion with two fingers. To increase it, just do the same in reverse.

Pinch to zoom

Drag to pan

To move around your document, simply press one finger on the screen and drag it in the direction you wish to move your document.

Drag to pan
Annotate documents

Readit's annotation feature allows users to quickly and easily add notes or comments to particular points in their document. This is ideal for creating revision notes to refer back to at a later date.

Annotate documents
Dictionary lookup

Readit features an integrated dictionary to allow instant lookup of words with fully accessible definitions, (currently UK / US only).

Dictionary lookup
Speak punctuation 

For users needing to hear all punctuation being read aloud, they can instantly enable "Speak punctuation". All forms of punctuation are then fully verbalised. This is ideal for blind users needing to check punctuation of documents. Please note, this is for US and UK voices only at present.

Speak punctuation
Speech replacements 

Easily correct the pronunciation of a word by editing it in the "Speech replacements" dialog. This is very useful for people and place names. The replacement dictionary can also be exported and imported to different computers.

Speech replacements

Full Mac OS X support

Mac users running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer, together with VMWare Fusion 4.0 or newer with Windows 7 can enjoy all of Readit's powerful features as if it were running natively on Mac!

Full Mac OS X support
Customisable size scrollbars

Readit's high contrast scollbars are now fully customisable in size making them even more accessible for low vision users.

Document information

Readit now provides full visual and spoken page information such as the user's exact location, number of words, paragraphs, pages etc.

Affordable site licenses

For schools, colleges and universities of all sizes, VisionAid International offer exceptional value site licenses. Please ask us for details.

Readit Magnification and Performance

Magnification: 0.2 to 80x on a 22 inch screen (effectively unlimited)

Time to read (approximate). This depends on both the computer speed and complexity of document:     
Intel Atom (dual core): 15 seconds
Intel Core2Duo: 4 seconds
Intel Core i5: 2 seconds


Magnification – 0.2-80X (effectively unlimited)
Visualisations – 6 enhanced including unique overlay view
Colour Modes – Full, grey scale & binary. Customizable combinations
Time to read – 1 to 15 seconds (hardware dependent)
Supported Languages – over 20 (please see website for complete listing)
Multi-page capture speed – up to 20 pages per minute
Import formats supported - Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), MS Excel (XLS and XLSX), MS PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX), MS Word (DOC and DOCX), OpenDocument Formats (ODF), plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF)
Export formats supported - Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), MP3, Open Document Format (ODF) plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF)

Readit Computer Requirements


OS – Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 32 and 64 bit, OS X 10.6 (with VM Ware Fusion)
Scanner – WIA compatible scanner
CPU – Intel Atom
RAM – XP:512MB. Vista, 7 & 8: 1GB
HDD: 600MB


OS – Windows 7 32 or 64 bit, OX S 10.6 or newer (with VM Ware Fusion)
Scanner – WIA compatible scanner
CPU – Dual Core 1.6 Ghz
RAM – XP: 1GB. Vista, 7 & 8: 1.5GB

Note: Works with flafbed scanner (WIA compatible) ; VisionAId Camers: Readit PC, Readit scholar; Wand, Air and Scholar HD

Note: 1 user, 3 activations (computers)

SKU: RIS-001

Contact us for Site Licences, Multi-user environment

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