Prodigi Desktop with 20" LCD Screen

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Prodigi Desktop with 20" LCD Screen

The unique and affordable table-top magnifier that makes seeing and reading comfortable and efficient.
Touch and Tap controls: no X-Y table or bulky knobs to turn.
Diamond-Edge Text that can be magnified as much as needed without loss of image quality.
Switch from reading documents to listening to them, with the tap of a finger.
Store photos and documents.
Available in the following languages: English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

It's simple

Prodigi has no confusing knobs and dials, and no clumsy X/Y table. Its Touch and Tap controls are easy to learn and hard to forget. Just place your document and tap to zoom in and start reading with your preset magnification, enhanced contrast and reading mode. Prodigi uses the same touch controls for the desktop and portable tablet, so it’s simple to use, at home or away.

It’s intelligent

Prodigi's Diamond Edge Text can be magnified infinitely without compromising image quality. See images in full color and Diamond Edge Text in enhanced contrast! Or enjoy effortless reading with Prodigi’s many reading modes and smooth flowing text that you can magnify, speed up, slow down or even go back, all without moving your page. And Prodigi can even read aloud if you prefer to sit back and listen!

It’s portable

The Prodigi Duo is the first HD all-digital magnifier that is both a desktop and a portable tablet. Simply detach the tablet and take it wherever you go... to the couch or bed, store or restaurant, ANYWHERE!
Capture new materials, or take cherished photos or important documents with you.

It’s adaptable

Right out of the box, the Prodigi Duo’s built-in tutorial guides you through the optimal reading preferences for your unique vision needs. Whatever size, color, contrast, orientation, or speed, Prodigi adapts to you.
Best of all, your preferences follow you wherever you go.

Diamond Edge Text

Prodigi outlines the letters of words in seconds, allowing it to maintain very sharp lines which are easier for you to see. We call this Diamond Edge Text. It allows you to magnify words to any size, without any degradation in the clarity of the letters, unlike other video magnifiers. No more dots for words. No more jagged or fuzzy edges. No more letters losing their shape the more you magnify. And because Prodigi does this, when you get tired, it knows the words of text, and can read aloud for you.

Full Page Capture

If you’ve used CCTVs before, you’ll notice that Prodigi has no X/Y tray to fumble around with back and forth, side to side. That is because Prodigi captures full pages in seconds. And if you want to move around in the document, you use your fingers to move around and magnify your page. Then press a single button to display the text for optimal reading comfort. That sure beats moving that big X/Y tray and getting lost! And since Prodigi captures the entire page, if you get tired and want to listen instead of read, Prodigi can read the text aloud to you, not just the small section you have magnified under the camera like some other systems.

Reading Modes

Prodigi adapts to you. However you want to read, it will give you what you want.  Do you find it easier to read in a column like a teleprompter?  No problem.  You can tell Prodigi to do it that way with everything you want to read.  Maybe the best reading style for you is a single line of scrolling words, like a marquee?  This way with your limited field of vision, you can concentrate on one spot and read more, faster, with less fatigue.  Prodigi can do it. Best of all, with a simple touch, you can stop, start, magnify and adjust the speed of the scrolling text to suit your unique needs.

Docking Station

The Prodigi Duo is two High Definition reading tools for the price of one.  A desk version, and a portable version. How does it do that? With its unique Docking Station, you simply place the Prodigi Tablet into the Docking Station cradle, close the guides, and Voila, it is now your Desk Top Video Magnifier with a 20!  Need to go shopping?  Take the Tablet out of the cradle and take it with you!  It was charging itself when you it was in the Docking station, so you’re good to go!  Want to read the newspaper at the local Coffee shop?  Bring along your Prodigi Tablet and optional Reading Stand, and optimize your reading.  And if you choose, plug in your headphones, capture a page, and listen.

Prodigi Desktop (20” Screen) Dimension: 458mm x 480 mm x 535 mm (18” x 18.9” x 21”)

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage: 100-240 V AC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Input Current: 2.5 A
Power Consumption: 300W

Optical Specifications

Magnification range – Diamond Edge Text: 1 to 80 X
Magnification range – Colour: 1 to 20 X
Camera resolution: 8 Megapixel

Electronic Specifications

Wireless 802.11 B/G
Bluetooth: Yes
Gyrometer: No
Accelerometer: No
Captured Image Limit: 100 captures
Audio connector type: 3.5 mm
Audio Speakers: Yes (2)
Microphone: No
Screen Type: LED
Screen Resolution (pixels): 1600 x 900 (20”) / 1920 x 1080 (24”)
Input/Output Ports 2 x USB Host / 1 x USB Device / Audio Out

Prodigi documentation
Prodigi software
Prodigi tutorial videos

SKU: FGPG-1115 - English
SKU: FGPG-1171 - French


Judy Stalbow, Australia

I am fortunate to have been in possession of a Prodigi Duo for the past three weeks and I am now wondering how I managed before I had this amazing device!

The base sits easily on my desk space alongside my laptop and large monitor and it is here I use Prodigi to magnify paperwork and particularly numbers which I have progressively had problems with differentiating. I work with figures so this is for me quite incredible.

The short tuition one to one session with Tony Wu the Prodigi representative who came to my residence and unpacked and assembled the device was excellent. Tony was very clear and precise in his instruction and along with the User Guide and Quick reference sheet I was at once able to commence using Prodigi and find my way around with no hesitation at all.

Over the past three weeks I have explored the various modes that best work for me and am comfortable with using the machine base for the most part in Live Mode and easily magnifying as required for the respective documents.

The Prodigi tablet is what is most amazing, it is lightweight and portable and I am using it constantly around the house for all manner of little jobs, particularly in the kitchen to magnify instruction labels on jars, cans and packaging, read recipes, see the temperature controls on my oven and I even reach into the back of deep cupboards, capture a shot and am then able to see what I have there without having to physically take it all out!

The best of all is that I can sit in a cafe with a latte and read the newspaper and magazines rather than only barely able to check out the headlines and pretty pictures...too tempting not to be doing my accounting work at home!

Thank you Prodigi;

Jonathon, A user in Australia

The Prodigi arrived this morning and all is well with no damages and it took only a few minutes to unpack and set up. The initial wizard is really very worthwhile and makes the unit usable almost immediately.

I love the reader aspect so much and can now access my bank statements and letters which I have had trouble doing with my Sense View due to eye fatigue and the lack of resolution it has plus movement makes reading impossible.

Not anymore!

I am so enthusiastic about this unit I am going back to printed books instead of audio books,well for a try out but it may be a bit tedious to do.

Right now, I could not be happier with my unit and trust me when I say this is giving me a freedom to deal with text I had given up on.

I have yet to take the tablet out into shopping and look forward to being able to sort out infuriating things like spice bottles, pasta types and even margarine. I think this is the best investment I have made in myself besides 6 eye surgeries and 2 laser treatments that mean I can still use Prodigi and do so with clarity.

I am sure sighted people underestimate the critical importance of clear text and the Diamond Text is a superb feature that allows me to cope with text again.

If you need a video testimonial of my new found joy let me know and I will produce something for you.

Thanks for your help and advice though I rather suspect I was on the right path in the first place when I discovered Prodigi.

Hope you get what this means to me and my appreciation for the designers and engineers - developers in making a superb low vision product that actually does what it says on the tin.

James, Student in Scotland, UK

I have used many magnifiers and currently use the My Reader, Onyx and portable Compact. The Prodigy combines all the best features of all of these.

The fact that the Prodigy has the option of talking back is a major advantage and it is more accurate than some other earlier devices such as the Intelreader.

There appears to be more choices within the settings and I have tried a variety. I have chosen green writing on a black background.

I like the way it goes straight onto the magnifier as this makes everything quicker and easier in a busy classroom.

The Humanware trainer (Andrew Flatres) gave me an excellent training session on how to use it which got me started. I never need to refer to a user manual as it is so easy to navigate and very obvious how to use it.

Updating the Prodigy is also straightforward and I do this at home when I have wifi as it is not able to be networked at school.

I keep the docking station in Biology and carry the tablet between my other classes and take it home as well. I use it for homework and also for my personal use.

The portable tablet is fantastic and has many uses as a scanner, magnifier and to store text. I have been using it to read newspapers, magazines, letters and instructions and I can save whatever I want. The tablet has more features, less buttons and the swipe screen makes it more intuitive and much easier to use.

I would certainly recommend the Prodigi and am going to apply for funding for one for starting college. It is suitable for an older pupil and is not a toy but a functional piece of kit.

Thomas E. Petersen, Texas, USA

Prodigi is such a blessing. I wouldn’t give it up. I have read 2 books in the first couple of weeks I had it, and these books are over 500 pages long. I always use the Diamond Edge Text mode to read and follow along with the speech function. The Diamond Edge Text is so crisp and clean on the screen, my eyes don’t get tired.

Don Gaunt, Massachusetts, USA

I am just so happy with the Prodigi! I’ve shown it to other people here, and they can’t believe how sharp the text is to read with that Diamond Edge. And they are simply amazed when I put it into speech mode and it talks to me. I even put my iPad under it to magnify it, because the iPad’s magnification is limited. I am going to the Veterans Administration soon for an eye exam, and I will be taking my Prodigi Tablet to show them. I love my Prodigi.

Mary Wright, Texas, USA

Mother absolutely LOVES her Prodigi! It's truly given her a new lease on life. She easily moves back and forth from read mode to live; reading newspaper obits, recipe cards, mail (although the machine doesn't read cursive, so letters are out unless they're printed), etc. Pictures are still a bit harder for her to see, but we're working on collecting her some better pictures. There are simply no words that can truly express our gratitude for this wonderful machine. Giving mom back some of her independence has worked wonders in restoring a "purpose" for her life. I'll sign off with a cute story. I awoke early the morning after we had set up the prodigi for mom, looking for mom. She was not in her bed. I didn't find her in the bathroom. I was beginning to get concerned. Then I saw her in the corning of the living room, at the desk...on her prodigi. She was totally engrossed in reading!!! Basically, you've given my mom back her eyesight! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


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