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VoiceBuddy - 10 Watts Portable Personal Amplifier

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Accessory 1?:   Earhook Screen - EH-1WS (Add $15.18)
Accessory 2?:   Headset Screen - HM100WS (Add $13.80)
Accessory 3?:   Omni Plug Screen - MIC014WS (Add $13.80)
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  • VoiceBuddy - 10 Watts Portable Personal Amplifier

    • Brings the waistband voice amplifier into the 21st century
    • Enables clear voice amplification
    • Good for Professionals: Teachers, Trainers. Coaching, Instructors, Tour Guides, Performers, Presenters,
    • Good for Individuals: those with: Parkinson's; ALS; MS; Laryngotomy Patients, etc.
    • Power - 10 watts for amplification
    • Controls - Volume, Tome, and Echo
    • Multifunctional - SD Card; USB Audio Port; FM Radio
    • Battery - Long life re-chargeable Lithium; up to 8 hours of continuous use between charges
    • Indicator Light - LED
    • Microphone Import Port - 3.5 mm
    • Line Input Port - 3.5 mm, for external audio source
    • Connection - USB Port
    • SD Card Port - Up to 32GB of music
    • Strap - Wide waistband strap for secure/snug fit
    • Weight - Light weight for comfortable fit
    • Warranty: One year on VoiceBuddy, six months on headset
    • VoiceBuddy Provides

      • More comfortable fit
      • Greater Amplification
      • No negative feedback
      • Better Clarity of sound
      • Works indoors and/or Outdoors
  • VoiceBuddy Kit Includes the Following

    • Amplifier
    • Audio Cable - VB10AC
    • 7.4V Battery - VB10-B
    • Battery Charger - VB10BC
    • Travel Case - VB10CC
    • Shoulder Strap - VB10SS
    • Lapel Microphone - VB10LM
    • AND - One of the Following Headsets:
      • Boom Microphone - 652-HM100 (Best choice to avoid feedback)
      • Earhook Microphone - EH-1
      • Collar Microphone - CM200
      • Transdermal Microphone - TM100
      • Omni Plug Microphone - MIC014
      • Pencil Microphone - PL100
  • Extras

    • Audio Cable - VB10-AC
    • 7.4V Battery - VB10-B
    • Power/Echo Knob - VB10-K
    • 110 - 240V Charger - VB10-PA
    • Travel Case - VB10-C
  • Windscreens

    • Ear-hook Screen - EH-1WS
    • Headset Screen - HM100WS
    • Omni Plug Screen - MIC014WS

 See the smaller MiniBuddy

Voice amplification microphones

Friday November 2, 2012
RE: Feedback on the VoiceBuddy

I am a core French teacher who teaches on rotary. At my school, I have been given a Chattervox voice system due to my vocal disability. I need to wear the system all day when at school as I struggle with even one on one communication due to my condition. My voice does not extend beyond a very quiet volume and it is hard to function on a daily basis outside of my home. I am sure that both the ChatterVox and the VoiceBuddy wouldn’t have as many problems with somebody who has a stronger voice than me.

The VoiceBuddy:
• Although the VoiceBuddy appears to be larger in size, it doesn’t feel any heavier.
• The waist straps on the VoiceBuddy are thicker, which is more comfortable than the ChatterVox. Wearing the system all day long does cause discomfort in the lower back. I find that the ChatterVox pulls away from the body a bit as well, pulling as the day progresses.

• You provided me with two microphones to try with the VoiceBuddy, but neither microphone is suited for someone with my minimal voice projection. I tried the earhook microphone, but could not get the microphone to bend close enough to my mouth. The microphone needs to be pretty much touching my mouth. I didn’t even try the lapel Microphone as that would have caused me vocal strain. What I did do, was to use the microphone that came with the ChatterVox. This microphone is the Rearwear Headset w/Boom Microphone.
• I do find that there is a higher chance of getting a squealing noise with the Rearwear Headset w/Boom Microphone.

• I did make a mistake with the VoiceBuddy. When I first tried it, I must have knocked the “Echo” dial. I decided that the system was no good because of the echo. Once I noticed this dial, however; this problem was easily fixed.

• I asked others for feedback about the sound with both the ChatterVox and the VoiceBuddy. My students said that they couldn’t hear much of a difference, while some staff indicated that this system sounded a bit louder, but no clearer than the other.

• Both systems are a struggle with somebody who can barely talk as when the volume is turned up, the systems squeal.
• It seems like the VoiceBuddy goes a bit louder, but when it squeals, I cannot take advantage of that anyway. Perhaps the squealing is a microphone problem though as it didn’t happen with the Earhook.

• A problem that I have with the ChatterVox on a daily basis is that it squeals. When my voice is very weak and I have to turn up the volume, it has a high pitch squeal that my students and I cringe at. The VoiceBuddy has a similar effect when using the Rearwear headset. When I tried the Earhook Microphone, it did not.
• With the ChatterVox, I also get a loud horrible squeal when I am near metal (e.g. ledge of board, holding a clip board, pencil sharpener, door knob). I found that with the VoiceBuddy that I got a bit less of this, however; when I picked up a chair to move it, it made a horrible loud squeal so I am not sure if that was from the metal on the chair. It did have interference with a bell that I have in my room as well. I found if I made the volume higher, it did squeal near the metal. On a day when I am struggling with my voice, this would be a problem.
• When I bend down (e.g. to pick something up or to assist a student) both system squeals, but the Voice Buddy is a little less high pitched.
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