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Custom Keyboard Keyguard

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Custom Keyboard Keyguard - KG-KB-CK

Use this item to order a keyguard for a keyboard that is not currently offered. You will need to provide us with a physical copy of the keyboard. Just ship us the loaner keyboard or laptop, or order a new one and have it drop shipped to us. We'll design the keyguard to fit the keyboard and test fit it. Once it's right, we'll ship the keyguard to you, along with the loaner keyboard or laptop. 

This keyguard comes with no provision for mounting. Depending on how much room the keyboard leaves around the edge of the keys, you may be able to attach the keyguard with Velcro or mounting tape. In cases where there is no room for tape, a sticky putty like Blu Tack may be the best solution.

NOTE: Custom keyguards are not returnable

Settings and Options

Device Make/Model - Provide the device make and model so we can properly identify it.
Link to Device Online - Provide a URL (link) to the device online so we can find it and read about it.
Keyboard Size 

"Compact" for keyboards that are typically found on laptops, tablets, etc. These are generally about 12" wide and don't have a numeric keypad on the right.
"Extended" for a keyboard with a numeric keypad or oversized keys. These are generally 15" wide or wider.

Material - The acrylic styrene is more flexible than standard acrylics and is much less likely to crack when bent. It features a non-glare surface, a choice of several colors, and comes with a 2-year guarantee against breakage. The high-impact PMMA is denser than standard acrylics and as clear as glass, and will sustain much higher impacts without breaking, though it will still crack if bent. 3/16" and 1/4" acrylics are standard PMMA acrylics like Plexiglass and Perspex. They are more rigid than the 1/8" due to their extra thickness, and they provide more depth to help the user avoid accidental touches. Polycarbonate is the strongest material, being virtually unbreakable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Allow one extra week for polycarbonate. Learn about materials in more detail in our Keyguard Materials blog.

Special Instructions - Use this field to communicate any other information we need to know about the keyguard. For example, if the keyboard has buttons to turn it on/off or control the lighting, etc., you could tell us whether you wanted those buttons open or closed.



Note: Contact with you requirements.


Information Required

Device Make/Model
Link to Device Online
Keyboard Size (see description below)
Compact (no numberic keypad, etc.)
Extended (with numeric keypad)

Keyguard Materials

Keyguard AT offers the greatest number of materials for keyguards of any manufacturer. In this blog we'll help you understand the differences so you can choose the material that will best work for your keyguard users.

Keyguard AT can make a keyguard in any configuration to match any app. We make our keyguards to match the settings you have chosen in the app, rather than requiring you to set the app to match our keyguard. Combined with your choice of materials, these options make our made-to-order keyguards truly customizable to a degree our competitors can't match.


Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a common thermoplastic usually called acrylic, and often recognized by the brand names Plexiglass, Perspex, and Lucite. It is most commonly transparent, though it is available in a variety of colors and opacities. PMMA is more flexible than glass and tends to crack rather than shatter, making it much safer than glass. It is laser cuttable, making it perfect for custom keyguards. Though it can crack under extreme bending, it is plenty strong to withstand normal use and abuse.

Keyguard AT offers clear PMMA in thicknesses of 3/16", and 1/4". As of 2018, we no longer offer PMMA in 1/8". See below for 1/8" PMMA/acrylic styrene and polycarbonate.
Thicker acrylic is much more rigid than thinner acrylic. Also, thicker acrylic keeps the fingers farther from the screen and helps to prevent false touches.
Acrylic keyguards are often made the same day they are ordered, and are usually shipped within a week when everything is in order. The only exceptions are when we are waiting on the customer for complete information, when we have high demand for one of the less popular colors, or when we are out of the office for a trade show or conference.

PMMA/Acrylic Styrene (ADA-compliant)

This is a variety of acrylic that is great for making keyguards, and has been our preferred material since early 2017. It is more than 50% PMMA with a majority of the rest being acrylic styrene, a more flexible plastic. This makes it much less prone to cracking when bent. In fact, it is so flexible you need to just about fold it over to crack it.

PMMA/acrylic styrene is designed for signage compliant with to the American Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires it to be non-glare. As such, it is not quite as clear as standard PMMA. The manufacturer rates it as 95% transparent. The screen appears very slightly darker through the acrylic, though it can still easily be read. This has a distinct benefit, though, in that it helps to visibly separate the openings a little, unlike the more transparent keyguards which can blend in with the background.

Keyguard AT keyguards made from acrylic styrene come with a two-year guarantee against breakage. They can be laser cut, so we have the greatest flexibility of design and the usual quick turnaround time.

Acrylic styrene is available in several colors, and more are available on request. The colored sheets have the same non-glare finish as the clear, and are just as strong. Colored acrylics help the user see the keyguard openings, however, they also obscure what's on the screen. Therefore, colored acrylics should not be selected for apps for sighted users when the software does not provide space between the cells.

Examples of apps with good cell spacing where colored acrylics work well: GoTalk Now, Compass, Proloquo2Go when cell spacing is Loose or Very Loose, and TouchChat or LAMP Words for Life with button margins of at least 10. Examples of apps with poor spacing where colored acrylics should be avoided: TouchChat or LAMP Words for Life with a button margin less than 10, Proloquo2Go when cell spacing is Normal, Compact, or Very Compact.

Colored acrylics are a great choice for keyguards on keyboards and laptops, giving them a fun, personal touch.

Because of its high visibility, high transparency, high strength, and laserability, ADA-compliant acrylic styrene is by far our best-seller.

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