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VoiceComputer for Dragon 

Now you can guarantee your sucess with Dragon!

VoiceComputer is an all-in-one solution that provides unequaled ease-of-use, accessibility and fast, productive control of the Windows desktop, file system, your applications, and the Internet. 

VoiceComputer is so easy to learn that you can actually greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use today. 

VoiceComputer's unique speech computing interface brings you real-time interactive training with videos, instantaneous help, computer control, dictation, and Internet information in real-time as you work with any version of Dragon. 

VoiceComputer integrates and works in conjunction with all versions of Dragon Premium, Professional, Professional Individual, Professional Group, Legal and Medical 10.0-14. 

Unmatched simplicity

VoiceComputer is so easy to learn that you can actually greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use today. VoiceComputer makes it far easier for you to do the things that you do every day, from controlling your desktop to zipping through your email, from controlling the web by voice to finding and accessing your files

Unprecedented voice control and accessibility

VoiceComputer is so accessible that you will experience more speech control of your computer and your applications than ever before. VoiceComputer is the most accessible speech application ever. It is the only speech application that is so versatile you it can be customized to deliver hands-free control of all your applications.

Real-time help and training

The key to productive use of Dragon is learning how to use it effectively. VoiceComputer's comprehensive, real-time Dragon help and training will ensure your success with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. 

VoiceComputer, the all-in-one add-on for Dragon

Radically different from anything before it, VoiceComputer makes Dragon both user-friendly and accessible. Unmatched Simplicity VoiceComputer's simplicity will let you quickly and easily control your computer by voice. VoiceComputer's versatility helps you even control programs that were previously considered inaccessible by voice. Whether you're sending emails, controlling your desktop, accessing your files, controlling previously mouse-intensive databases and previously inaccessible programs, VoiceComputer works the same easy way with the same simple voice commands. You'll spend a whole lot more time controlling your computer by voice. And a lot less time trying to figure out how to control it. 


As an inventor of voice-accessible numbers more than a dozen years ago, we revisited our technology to reinvent and reengineer both the Show Documents and Show Numbers technologies.
The result is entirely new, the first speech interface that lets you control anything and everything on your computer by voice, a technology so advanced that it's simple.
Greater Accessibility Our Intag technology breaks the barriers of active accessibility. Intag makes it easy to access and control previously inaccessible controls.
Fast and Simple - We eliminated unnecessary commands. For example, our numbered overlay reopens after each command, simplifying control and letting you quickly control and drill through applications.
Complete Intags offers complete mouse control. You can issue any mouse command (click, double, right, & shift click) and drag and drop, etc. You can even create your own commands by combining any combination of clicks and keys that you want. Customizable We can customize previously inaccessible programs so you can quickly control everything with our consistent, easy-to-use follow-the-numbers interface (contact us for estimate).

VoiceComputer Intags!

Show My Tags

Your Personal Tags!  Now you can quickly make all your applications accessible!  VoiceComputer’s proprietary My Intags technology lets you make any screen accessible with an incredibly easy-to-use voice template system. No scripting or programming necessary!

The simplest and fastest way to control previously inaccessible applications. Easy Now you'll be able to easily access and control thousands of windows and screens that you could never access with only Dragon Naturally Speaking!  No scripting My Intags is the only way to make legacy applications that don’t support modern accessibility protocols accessible without custom scripting or programming.

VoiceComputer Show My Tags

Show Intags (for Chrome)

All websites and web apps are now accessible! We make the web accessible. Our Intag for Chrome commands lets you access just about any website, web app and intranet site. Our proprietary Intags for Chrome supports most web pages and web applications out of the box. And, we can quickly customize just about any previously inaccessible web page. web app or Intranet site to make them fully accessible (contact us for estimate). Now you can use one simple, productive and consistent interface for all your applications and web pages, minimizing or eliminating training. If your organization uses custom web applications that are not accessible or easy to use, we can help! Inquire for details. Interact with any element just by saying its number. FAST. Displayed numbers instantly refresh as you follow links, navigate through and enter data on to your websites.

VoiceComputer Show Intags for Google Chrome

VoiceComputer Microphone

Now enjoy complete hands-free accessibility. The VoiceComputer microphone is always on so you always have voice control of your computer. The Dragon microphone is off? No problem. Just say, "Microphone on" or "Toggle Microphone." Dragon program crashed? No problem. Just say, "Open VoiceComputer" command to restart Dragon. Wish to shutdown or restart your computer? The "Open VoiceComputer" command also lets you restart or shutdown your computer.

VoiceComputer Microphone

Fast desktop control made easy

VoiceComputer allows you to size, position, and/or switch to any application on your desktop with only one or two speech commands. Even when you have 10, 20 or more applications open and you're using multiple monitors. In comparison, with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the same activity could take a dozen commands. The Windows desktop is where you get your work done. We make it easy to keep it organized and productive.

VoiceComputer easy desktop control

The key to productive use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Is learning how to use it effectively.  VoiceComputer brings you comprehensive interactive help and learning at every stage as you use speech recognition. You will actively participate in learning as you ask for and receive exactly the help and information that you need, without interruption, when you want it, while continuing to maintain focus in your work. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking you may eventually learn what you can do by trial and error, but much of the essential and critical information is undocumented or unclear. With VoiceComputer you never have to worry about how to get optimal accuracy, how and why hardware affects performance, how to troubleshoot problems and issues, how to properly correct and train words or phrases, or forgetting commands.

Want to know how to do something? Just Ask! Now you have instant access to a complete user manual, completely hands-free and totally by voice. Now you'll learn everything that you need to know and understand about Dragon NaturallySpeaking so that you can use it productively. Made for all learning styles, VoiceComputer is the most comprehensive Dragon Naturally Speaking training guide and user documentation available.

VoiceComputer key to productivity

Access your files at the speed of sound

VoiceComputer allows you to quickly and easily navigate through your files and folders and open and position them on our desktop with a couple of simple voice commands. Create Open from and Save to commands that let you instantly open and save files to your favorite folders and network drives. Using our Intag technology with Windows Explorer lets you easily navigate through your folders to open, delete, rename and move your files.

Voice Computer file access

Instantaneous and Interactive Help

VoiceComputer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking have thousands of commands.  Now there’s one simple way to find them and learn how to use them. Just Ask!  VoiceComputer will give you interactive, real-time help and training, as you’re working, and not even interrupt what you’re working on. Now you’ll always know the right command to use, right when you need it.

VoiceComputer help

Voice Mouse that's remarkably versatile and easy to use

VoiceComputer features complete mouse control by voice. It lets you click, double click, ctrl-click, alt-click, shift-click, move, and drag the mouse cursor anywhere on up to three monitors in one or two simple commands. However, VoiceComputer’s features including Intags, My Intags, VoiceComputer’s file and desktop control, the 10,000 plus macros we’ve created, virtually eliminate mouse use altogether.

VoiceComputer Mouse

True Multitasking: Now control a second application while working in your own application

VoiceComputer enables SimulTasking: working in one application while you view and control a second application. Now you can work in a document, email, or application and navigate through and copy from other documents, web pages, or applications, while you continue to work in your document. VoiceComputer brings you the information you want, without forcing you to constantly switch back and forth between applications. VoiceComputer makes it easy to get your work done.

Voice Computer Multitasking

Hundreds of Custom Productivity Commands

A simple way to accomplish complicated and/or repetitive tasks.  Dozens of commands Dragon left out, like a global file save as, delete 1-20, enter 1-20, and Function 1-24. Less is more!

We used to have 10K+ commands. But, most of them were created to help you navigate through programs like Outlook and SnagIt. However, our new Intag technology lets you easily navigate through tens of thousands of programs without custom commands. (It would take millions of custom commands to equal Intag's accessibility and control).  Thus, we reduced our custom productivity command set to a few hundred of our most powerful commands like "Make appointment at 11:20 am on March 17th". You will only need to use a fraction of these commands, but they are there when you need them to help you achieve maximum productivity on your job.

VoiceComputer No Scripting

Create your own commands. No scripting.

You can easily customize VoiceComputer without scripting or programming.

For example:
Create custom productivity commands in less than 30 seconds with Voice Shortcuts!
Create Move to and Change to Folder commands for Outlook, Lotus, or GroupWise.
Create Open from and Save to commands that let you instantly open and save files to your favorite folders and network drives.
Create keyboard and mouse commands without scripting.

Fast and easy navigation

VoiceComputer has dozens of navigation commands allowing fast and simple navigation through your documents.  We help you get your work done with the easiest and most complete navigation commands available.  Scroll and/or page up and down through virtually any Windows application at whatever speed you wish. VoiceComputer even lets you navigate through and copy from other documents, web pages, or applications as you continue working in your own document. See our the Copying and Multi-tasking sections on this page.

VoiceComputer navigation

Copy! Now you can use speech commands to copy text from anywhere

VoiceComputer’s copy commands allow you to select, copy, and paste text with two quick speech commands from almost any application including browsers, help windows, and PDF readers - applications where Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s selection commands are unsupported. Note: Our copy commands may not work with all PDF and website out of the box, but we can customize them for you. Contact us for an estimate..

No other speech application make it so simple to copy from the Web, PDF files, or other non-standard applications.

VoiceComputer speech commands


What are VoiceComputer's minimum requirements (hardware and software)?

VoiceComputer works with all versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 10-13.  Desktop and laptop computers work well with voice recognition. It is very important to have the right computer components for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to run efficiently. To ensure fast response times, we recommend:

An Intel i3, i5, i7 or equivalent
7200 rpm hard drive or faster (5200 rpm hard drive is okay for a laptop,
8+ GB of memory for Win7, Win8, Win10 64-bit, 4 GB of memory for Windows 32 bit
Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit), .
Storage device (USB/ CD Burner /Network) for backing up voice files.
An available USB port for sound pod.
A high quality microphone and USB sound pod.

Is voice recognition difficult to learn?

Our new Intag speech interface makes it easy to learn how to control your computer by voice. Our VoiceComputer program will get you started and help you master VoiceComputer and Dragon. A single voice command anywhere, anytime, gives you the information you want, right alongside your applications, without losing your place or covering up your work.

If you're just getting started with voice recognition, you should know that other computer programs may be more difficult to master than voice recognition. But no other program is as challenging to start with because you need to know what to say and when to say it. Once you turn on the microphone, the speech recognition program will do exactly what you tell it to. If you don't know what to say, you're in trouble.

VoiceComputer changes all this. Our Intag speech interface is now 'built-into' Windows. You no longer have to memorize hundreds of commands. Just follow the numbers embedded into Windows.

I'm a computer power user, I've never needed someone to teach me how to use a program, why is Dragon the exception?

Even if you are a computer expert, you still need help. Other programs are more difficult to master than speech recognition, but no program is as tricky to get started with as speech recognition. We have seen dozens of computer programmers, network engineers, and computer techs waste dozens of hours trying to learn voice recognition by themselves and still fail to master it until they spent a few hours with our program. If you're a computer expert, you don't need to waste thousands of dollars on training, but you do need expert advice. VoiceCopmuter's training system will give you that.
VoiceComputer's Intag speech interface is now 'built-into' Windows. You no longer have to memorize hundreds of commands. Just follow the numbers embedded into Windows.

Do I need training or can I learn on my own?

Users trying to learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking have the highest failure rate in the software industry.

But VoiceComputer changes all that; VoiceComputer's new Intag interface is intuitive. You'll learn the basics of voice control in minutes. It will take a while to master Dragon. VoiceComputer allows you to learn voice recognition as you work. With VoiceComputer, when you want help, you ask for it. You get the information you need when you need it. VoiceComputer includes more than fifty lessons, twelve demonstrations, dozens of at-a-glance guides, a comprehensive index, and command list cheat sheets. Even if you are a computer expert, you still need help. We have seen dozens of computer programmers, network engineers, and computer techs waste dozens of hours trying to learn voice recognition by themselves and still fail to master it. If you're a computer expert, you don't need to waste thousands of dollars on training, but you need expert advice. VoiceComputer will give you that. 

ALTERNATIVES: You can spend thousands of dollars on one-to-one training, however will you remember everything or even half of what they taught you? And, where will the teacher be when you run into a problem? (BTW, we provide excellent one-to-one training for those who need it, but we always provide The Voice Computer as a 24/7 teaching guide and help system for our students.)
You can spend hours reading a book or viewing a video. Will you remember half of what was taught? Is it easy to find the help you want or more of a nuisance than it's worth? Simply, you won't bother or learn how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking productively.

If I buy VoiceComputer, do I qualify for updates?

Yes! With your purchase of VoiceComputer you'll qualify for free updates (by download) until the next version of Dragon (Dragon usually releases a new version every 2 years). VoiceComputer has several updates a year and you can download them at your convenience.


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