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Assistive Technology Suite

Adaptive Technology Computer Access Products

Now you can get the ultimate set of general purpose, Assistive Technology Pointing Device Enhancement Utilities with no licensing hassles. Single or Multi-site Licensing includes ALL Computers and ANY active student/teacher - including home use! Unlimited Single or Multi-site Licensing with support and annual updates. Simple fee, Simple licensing, powerful tools, no compliance issues!

Windows 8.1 / 8 Coming Soon!

The AT Suite includes IMG's best-selling computer access utilities: My-T-Mouse, OnScreen, CrossScanner, Joystick-To-Mouse, The Magnifier, SmartClick, TouchRight Utilities, and WordComplete. It runs concurrently with traditional software & devices, so it leaves computers operational for ALL USERS.

From our beginnings in automation, industrial, medical, military, and rugged systems, we've had a loyal following of AT users. Now, based on feedback from schools, companies and institutions who use IMG's Assistive Technology software, we've developed the AT Accessibility Suite. This suite is a compilation of IMG's most popular, general purpose, computer accessibility products for physically challenged computer users. This new licensing program permits schools, corporations, and institutions to install any or all of IMG's AT products, as needed, on an unlimited number of its PCs, including employee / student home computers. This simplifies licensing, eliminates tracking concerns, and can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

IMG's products are recommended or bundled by major Assistive Technology, ATE, ATM, Automation, Automotive, CAM, Data Acquisition & Collection, Emergency Response, Fleet/Naval GPS, Human Machine Interface, HVAC, Instrumentation, Insurance, Kiosk, Machine Vision, Medical Systems, MES, Mobile/Military Field Systems, Pen, POS, Process/Production Control, Public Safety, RF/Wireless, Robotics, Ruggedized, Air/Naval Simulator, Shop Floor/MRP, Test & Measurement, TimeClock, Touchscreen, Warehouse Management, Wearable, and Whiteboard system manufacturers worldwide.


Your Single Source of Computer Access for Special Needs
License Options for individuals, schools, districts, libraries, enterprises
Addresses many needs - powerful tools now available for any Windows PC for any individual with special requirements
Works with all Traditional or Adaptive Devices
Hassle Free Licensing - easy to install and administer
Ongoing updates and maintenance
Provides ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act)
The IMG AT Accessibility Suite includes
Joystick-To-Mouse is a software utility that lets any gamepad or joystick run and control Windows just like a mouse.
My-T-Mouse is IMG's original (created in 1993) On-screen Keyboard utility with Macros and selectable Panels.
OnScreen (formerly My-T-Soft AT) is our Assistive Technology version of My-T-Mouse with Word Prediction/Completion, Dwell control, Keyboard Scanning, and Visual & aural enhancements.
OnScreen with CrossScanner joins OnScreen with single-switch scanning - completely control Windows with CrossScanner.
The Magnifier is a 1x-40x Full Screen and Area Magnifier with a host of features and a Cursor Tracker.
SmartClick is a software utility that lets you run Windows with any pointing device.
WordComplete is a program that monitors user input, and predicts words as the user types.
TouchRight Utilities a software utility that lets you manage right mouse features on a touch screen or tablet.


The IMG AT Accessibility Suite provides software written as standard Windows applications
Compatible with all properly written Windows applications
Developed in C/C++ - written at same level as Windows operating system for maximum capabilities
Accesses Windows API via standard interfaces/System DLLs - No frameworks or special environment required
Refer to the particular product for more detailed specifications on each component

Technical Information

AT Accessibility Suite groups together IMG's Assistive Technology products for easy installation and administration. Refer to the appropriate product for relevant technical information. In general, all of IMG's products are standard Windows Applications and will be compatible with all properly written Windows applications
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What is the IMG AT Accessibility Suite?

The AT Suite includes IMG's best-selling computer access utilities: My-T-Mouse, OnScreen, CrossScanner, Joystick-To-Mouse, The Magnifier, SmartClick, TouchRight Utilities, and WordComplete. Grouped together as a the ultimate set of general purpose, Assistive Technology Pointing Device Enhancement Utilities, the IMG AT Accessibility Suite provides an easy to install and administer set of tools which is licensed with individual, school, site, or multi-site options.

Joystick-To-Mouse Emulator

Joystick-To-Mouse is a Windows software program that allows any joystick to point & click just like a mouse. Joystick-To-Mouse allows the joystick to position the mouse cursor and enables the joystick buttons to operate as mouse buttons. Joystick-To-Mouse has been widely acclaimed in the Assistive Technology community because it provides computer access and control via joystick to physically challenged users on a Windows platform. Joystick-To-Mouse has been widely accepted by children, recreational users, and other users who prefer the joystick over the mouse or trackball.
What's New in Version 2.80? Windows 8.1 / 8 Support (32 & 64 bit)!

My-T-Mouse® On-screen Keyboard for Computers...

Desktop Computers, Tablet PCs, Touch screen Computers, or for us with any other Pointing Device (Mice, Trackballs, GlidePads, Pens, Switches, Digitizers, Tablets, Touchscreens, etc.), to deliver a powerful user interface, and provide reliable, secure user access and control over all computer functions, just like a physical keyboard.

My-T-Mouse includes hundreds of programmable on-screen keyboard layouts, user programmable macro buttons, and many other innovative user interface approaches to enhance operations within the Microsoft Windows Environment.

"My-T-Mouse" is IMG's original On-screen Keyboard for Tablets, Touch screens, Mice, and other pointing devices. Introduced at Fall Comdex in 1993, it has evolved into hundreds of customized versions for specific applications ranging from Assistive Technology to Automation to Field Service to Enterprise Management tools.

OnScreen with WordComplete

Windows On screen Keyboard for Adaptive Computer Access
OnScreen with Word Complete is the latest version of My-T-Soft AT - the Assistive Technology version of IMG's highly respected My-T-Soft on screen keyboard utilities.
Windows 8 / 8.1 (32 & 64 bit Support) now Available!

OnScreen with CrossScanner

OnScreen with CrossScanner joins the Assistive Technology version of IMG's My-T-Soft Keyboards along with CrossScanner, RJ Cooper's Single-switch Windows control software. This is a special version for individuals that cannot use a mouse, trackball, or any other type of pointing device, and use a switch-based approach to operating their computer.
Windows 8 / 8.1 Coming Soon!  

The Magnifier

The First Truly Affordable Full Screen Magnifier Software for Windows
The Magnifier for Windows 8.1 / 8 is now available! (32 & 64 bit)
Download The Magnifier demo and use its Licensing Manager to purchase a license
The Magnifier software supports from 1.0 through 40 times magnification (in 1/10th increments). It can operate as a Full Screen magnifier or Area magnifier and can be controlled from the keyboard or mouse. It also includes numerous other features that make it a powerful and useful utility! This is truly the first affordable, full screen computer magnifier that everyone has been waiting for!

SmartClick - Mouse Hover and Dwell

SmartClick is designed to allow any user that can operate a pointing device (mouse, trackball, serial joystick, headmouse, single switch, etc), but cannot click the pointing device buttons, to have the computer do mouse button functions for them. Double-clicks, right-clicks, drags, and keyboard options are just the beginning. Useful features such as Auto-Repeat (mouse clicks or up/down arrows), Close Window, and Escape key add even more capabilities. So if you can move the mouse cursor (whether by mouse, trackball, joystick, laser-eye tracker, or any other means), you can completely run & operate Windows quickly & easily!

WordComplete - Word Prediction

WordComplete adaptively predicts the word you are attempting to type and gives you a choice of options from it's dictionary. The original dictionary comes with a basic list of most commonly used words, then adds new words as you type them. You can also import or create multiple custom dictionaries to suit your needs. WordComplete also sorts the words in the dictionary by alphabetical and most often to least often used, so the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

WordComplete is a program that monitors user input, and predicts words as the user types letters. As soon as you type a character, a small window appears which displays a list of possible words or phrases (Word Candidate list). The most frequently used words are displayed first. To further assist this process, an optional second window (inline window) can be displayed, and appears next to the letters that are typed. The inline window shows the most likely WordComplete candidate "inline" (i.e. shows the ending of the word). This visually helps the user see what their completed word would look like, using the most likely WordComplete candidate.

Right Click Mouse functions for Touch screen systems 

An easy interface for bringing Right Mouse functions to ANY touch screen or other pointing device interface. Great for users, developers, integrators, field service, or administrators who work with and configure non-mouse or touch screen applications.


SKU: IMG-12601 - AT Accessibility Suite - Home/Individual/Single System

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SKUIMG-12603 - AT Accessibility Suite - Unlimited 5 Schools (up to 5 locations)

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