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Website security?

Pulling your hair out trying to find out why your secure page is not fully secure? Here's a simple tool that will tell you about any insecure SSL page.  Here is where the professionals check security -  Check out any website you are considering purchasing from online.

You should see in the address bar. The “s” after "http" shows the connection is secure. 

See Wikipedia -

How to order?

Online store. Payment with MasterCard or VISA or PayPal - see below

Phone order

Phone order online - fulfill shopping cart requirements listed below; and select "Phone Order" for method of payment. Then call us with your MasterCard of VISA for payment.

Call us at 1-87-724-4922.

Government agencies and established corporations (Complete Credit Application - corporations only).

Phone or fax your Purchase Order to 1-877-724-9996

Order from web store and select "PO" as method of Payment. You must enter a PO or reference number with your order. This is for your internal records.

Local (st. Catharines, ON Canada) pickup.

Call 1-877-724-4922 with order and payment details.

Is my information secure online ordering?

Yes, BeanstreamGEOTRUST, and Chase Paymentech work behind the scenes to provide total security.  Select their respective logo buttons (bottom left of each page) 

Green Security Bar

You should see a Green Address bar showing the connection is SSL secure, depending upon your browser.


What Payment Methods are accepted?

Secure Credit Card Payment with MasterCard/Visa/Discovery.
Secure PayPal Payment (Via PayPal Site). 
Phone Credit Card (1-877-724-4922). 
Purchase Order – Government/Corporation Only (Pre-approval required) 
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer – Contact us and we will provide CIBC banking information. 
International Orders – See BONGO bottom left of screen.
Note: Prices quoted are cash discounted; 3% Payment Processing.


How do I know you have received my order?

You will receive an email confirmation for all store orders and purchase orders. 
If you have any concerns call Brenda at 1-877-724-4922, ext. 4 or brenda @ - 8:30 - 4 p.m. EST.


What taxes are charged?

USA: No taxes charged, are Head Office/Store is in Canada where we ship from.
Canada HST: Everyone is charged – rate varies by Province.  We do not charge PST.
How to avoid paying tax: Signed prescription by your family M.D..  See CRA.
Taxes: Automatically calculated and charged within the store and will be applied to your purchase. If you have Store problems with this please let us know.


What Shipping options are available?

Signature required on all orders unless you specify special shipping instructions at Check-out.

FedEx Ground: Delivery time - 1 – 4 days to Ontario/Quebec.

Canada Post Expedited: Delivery time varies.

Your shipping company: $10 Pickup fee.  We are charged by all couriers and pass this cost long.


How do I track my order?

Tracking number will be emailed to you. Search this number on Google or FedEx or Canada Post.


What are your Return Policies?

See “Return Policy” under Information at the bottom of the web page.


How to purchase online at Special Needs Computer Solutions, Inc.?

1.  From the conveneince of your home or office.

2. Follow online procedures below - How to find a product?

3. Call 877-724-4922 to place your order (approximately 10 - 15 minutes - Canada/USA only).

4. You do not need to sign up for an account to purchase from the store.   Setting up an account will remember only your BILL To Address and SHIP To Address for future orders.  No Credit Card information is ever stored in the Store.  You may set up mulitple SHIP TO Addresses for your convenience.  

How to find a product?

Enter the product name into the main site-search box at the top of each page.  Select the magnifying glass to start the search, or search by Category

How to find a product?


How to Purchase a Product?

When you find your product, select the orange Add to Cart button.

Add to your shopping cart


How to Enter your Shopping Cart

Select check to enter cart
Located: Top right of page


Enter cart here

You will see this green "view your cart" when each item is added to your cart.

Now, once you are in your Shopping Cart – Here is a procedural overview of the four steps to check-out.

Note: once you are in the shopping cart do not use the browser’s back button; re-enter the cart as described above.


OVERVIEW ORDER SCREEN: Check out process: 1) Details | 2) Payment | 3) Review | 4) Complete.

Overview of 4 check-out steps



View Cart Screen

Estimate shipping: Enter Postal Code/ZIP to calculate shipping by FedEx and Canada Post (CP). We ship FedEx for all businesses/government unless requested other-wise. 

Remove item from cart: Select Check-box, then Update Cart 

Checkout button: Bottom right to check-out with your purchase.



Details Order Screen

Verify Order details and Shipping Method and Payment Method and confirm.

Anytime you may return to “How to Enter your Shopping Cart” and enter cart to begin the Check-out process.

Note: Select orange Check Out button to go to Customer Information page.



Customer Information Screen

Login with your username and password, OR

Enter your name and contact info
Enter your shipping name and shipping address (person must be there to sign for delivery)

Hint: if billing information is same as shipping information, select Check-box (yellow circle); else enter shipping information.

SAVE TIME ON YOUR NEXT VISIT – Set up an account for yourself (We never know your password.  No financial information is stored within the Shopping Cart).

Once completed Select orange Continue button (Bottom Left).



Order Details Screen

Select shipping method: FedEx or CP (Canada Post) – note: signature required by default.

Select payment method

Select orange Continue button

Payment Options

Found above.

See Payments Policy.



Review Order Screen

Review your selection. If there any corrections to be made; go back to “How to Enter your Shopping Cart”

NOTE: You must confirm your purchase by selecting the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION CHECK-BOX


Order Review Screen - #2

Orders Details: Additional Information

Purchase information check-box: Required by MasterCard/VISA/AMEX.

Delivery Option: Check this if you wish FedEx/Canada Post to leave your order without a signature. The order becomes your responsibility once delivered.

Order Comments: type in this box any specific notes or instructions you wish to communicate to us about your order.


Order Results Screen

Order Results Screen

Here is your final Order Results of your purchase.

You will also immediately receive an email of your order.

Note your Order ID: Use this number if you need to contact us.


Note: The above information is provided for information and educational purposes only.  Call or email if you have any questions.